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Government & Politics

Analytical Services Division - The ASD of the Department of Social Security provides analytical skills to help solve policy or operational problems. The site includes a number of on-line research reports.

Benefits Agency Home Page - The BA is an Executive Agency of the UK Department of Social Security which supports social security policy and provides benefits administration.

Department of Social Security - Homepage for the DSS of Great Britain. Contains links to the latest publications.

Information Technology Services Agency - ITSA leads the development of the corporate DSS IS/IT strategy and provides the IT systems and services required to support day to day social security delivery. The site details its role supporting the DSS.

Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority - Opra is the statutory regulator for occupational pension schemes in the UK. Their site provides contact information and details of relevant publications.

Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority - OPRA is the statutory regulator for occupational pension schemes in the UK. This site provides contact information and details of relevant publications.

War Pensions Agency - The UK body responsible for administration of, and policy relating to, war pensions.

The Cabinet Office - Comprised of several internal regulators for the Government and Civil Service.

Charity Commission for England and Wales - Regulates the administration and affairs of registered UK charities.

Data Protection Commissioner - Regulates the use and storage of personal information on computer.

Regulatory Impact Unit - Ensuring that regulation is clear, simple to understand and applied consistently.

Code of Practice on Access to Government Information - Online version of the code which supports the Government's policy of extending access to official information.

Acts of the UK Parliament - List of bills passed by the UK Parliament from Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO).

Committee on Standards in Public Life - Examines concerns about standards of conduct of all holders of public office.

The Electoral Reform Society - Campaigns for proportional representation in the UK parliaments and assemblies.

Explore Parliament - The United Kingdom Houses of Parliament educational website. Aimed at, and especially suitable for, children.

Hansard House of Commons Debates - View the five most recently published debates from the floor of the Commons.

Hansard House of Lords Debates. - View uncorrected transcripts of debates from the floor of the Lords.

The National Assembly of Wales - Official information on the Welsh Assembly, its members and functions.

The Northern Ireland Assembly - Official information on the Northern Irish legislative assembly, its members and functions.

Oultwood Members of Parliament Index - Links to homepages and email addresses of British MPs.

Parliamentary Monitoring and Intelligence Service - PAMIS. The Local Government Association's specialist coverage of the activities of parliament.

The Register of Political Parties - Holds the list of registered political parties entitled to legal protection, proportional representation listing and party political broadcasts.

Royal Commission on the Reform of the House of Lords - Consultation documents, terms of reference and press releases for the body charged with replacing the Upper House.

The Scottish Parliament - Official information on the Scottish Parliament, its members and functions.

Ten Downing Street - Government news and information from the office of the Prime Minister.

United Kingdom Parliament - Information on the House of Commons, the House of Lords and national parliamentary services.