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Pen Pals by Email 

Abbee's Cyber Connections - The aim of this site is to introduce people of all ages to prospective pen pals and no cost, and to let those wanting to be listed register for no charge.

April's Penpals - An e-mail pal site for all ages.

CyberFriends - This free epal service lets visitors register or search for an epal by nationality, age and gender, photo, or by their own criteria.

CyberPals - Make new friends around the world through the Internet.

Efriends - India-based email pal web site.

E-Friends Center - A new site designed especially for people who are looking for pen pals and other international relationships and friendships.

Email-Pal Club - Although not accepting new entries, this club lets people find penpals from other countries.

E-meeting - A free website to finding epals worldwilde. Audio and text chat are also available.

Eoin's Penpal Page - Search the database for a specific interest, and join to become a part of the project.

E-pal Zone - An e-pal site that only allows entries from people of ages between 12 and 21 who live outside the United States.

E-Pals - Find a penpal, friend or lover from anywhere in the world.

E-pals Club - This free service includes a chatroom and two guestbooks which can be searched to find epals.

Epals Meeting Point - Brings people who are looking for a penpal within or outside of Australia together.

Free Penpal BBS - Bulletin Board for penpal, international email penpal listing , group by age group and gender.

High School Cyberpals - A web community for college students, high school students, and teens.

International Penfriends/Epals - This site from Europa Pages lets people connect with other people, and school classes do the same.

Keypal List - Where teens can post and view entries to hook-up with keypals from around the world. Ages 13 to 19 only.

NeptuneNET: WebPals - This gives everyone an opportunity to meet new friends on the Web.

A Netpals List - Penpal listings and lots more. Chatroom, messageboard, jokes, newsfeed; lots to see and all free. No passwords to bother with.

Penpals Corner - Make friend(s) from all over the world through this emailpal or penpal club members list

Seek a Japanese Pen Pal - This is an E-mail pen pal forum that specializes in contacts between native Japanese and English speakers who wish to engage in both language and cultural exchanges.

2000 Teen Chat : Penpals - Search our penpal database featuring hundreds of teens.

The 7th Planet - Email pals and astrology.

World Wide Teen Pals - Find teen age penpals at this Yahoo Club.