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Pen Pals by Snail Mail

Angela's Snailmail Penpals - Several lists of people looking for penpals organized by country.

Arica's Snail Mail Penpals - Find new friends to exchange letters with.

Dovile's Snail Mail Pen Pals - Get tips on letter writing and improve your language skills by writing people all around the world.

Girls' Life Magazine Pen Pal Program - A penpal program that will match girls up with 5 penpals for a small fee.

International PenFriends - An organization that lets people find friends primarily by post. Service fee is required.

The IPF - Established in April 1967, International Penfriends has grown to 300,000 members worldwide.

Kristen's Pen Pal Cyber-Gallery - The Complete Guide to Pen Palling contains information for beginners and resources for veteran letter writers alike. Also contains an Internet Pen Pal News Letter.

Maarten's Snail Mail Pen Pals - View pages with hundreds of people looking for snail mail penpals from around the world. Join a Pen Pal Club of Ghost Letters for writing fictional based letters to pals.

The Mailbox - Search among many pages of people seeking snail mail penpals.

MoPs Penpal Page - Penpal Snailmail Page with a long list of penfriends. Find a new penpal to write to or submit a penpal add of your own so people will write letters to you.

Pen Pal Expressions Postal Magazine - Quarterly publication filled with free pen pal ads, rubber stamping, crafts, Mail-Art, parenting, and much more.

Pen Pal Planet - Snail-mail connection service that will connect people for a fee. Contacting people from certain countries is free.

Shelley's Snail Mail Penpal Place - A free snail mail and e-mail penpal site.

Snail Mail Palz International - A place where you can get postal pals.

Snail Pals - Meet people from around the world and correspond with them through postal mail.

TriggerHappy's Penpal Page - Sign up for penpals using an online form to state your interests and where you'd like your penpal to be from. Using this information, TriggerHappy will match you up with a pal.