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Pen Pals Kids links

EPals Classroom Exchange - Connects classrooms in over 100 countries, and allows kids/teachers to interact on a secure site.

A Girl's World Online Clubhouse - Everything at this site is written and edited by girls and teens. You'll find advice, crafts, penpals, contests, chat and celebrity information.

A Girl's World Penpals - A safe place for girls to find a penpal without giving out an e-mail address..

Kid City Post Office - Lots of cool ways to communicate with friends, relatives or classmates. Find a new pen pal, or sign up for your very own e-mail address.

Kidlink - Global connections for youth up to age 15.

Kids' Space Connection - KSC is the international meeting place for kids. Find penpals from around the world. Check out Kids' home pages or submit your own page. A child safe site devoted to children's communication.

KidsCom - An educational, entertaining playground for kids 4 to 15. Find a Key Pal and share opinions, stories and video game tips and tricks.

Kool Kids Klub - Learn about other countries and meet kids from all around the world. You will learn about their life, their culture, their school, and their hobbies. Plus, you can make penpals through e-mail with kids from other countries.

Planetpals Earthzone - Earthzone, home of the Planetpals. A children's interactive web site with lots of freebies and fun. Planetpals card game, Recycle Kit, coloring book, contest, an interactive quiz, click and stick email stickers, email greetings, crafts, and penpals. 

Youth Tree USA - Find Pen Pals with similar interests from around the world, vote for your favorite music, games, movies, or create your own homepage.


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