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Pen Pals links

Absolute Penpals - Free penpals and penpal listings make up the bulk of this prominent site. Absolute Penpals is connecting e-mail penpals from all parts of the world for free.

All Around - Meet new friends from the other corner of the earth right here.

Allworld PenPals Directory - The people listed on this service are in a downloadable database that may take some time to download and install on your computer. The only way to register is to download. Must be running Windows 95 or above.

Andy's Pen Pals - A listing of pen pals, icq pals, and e-pals.

Aria's Pen Pal Bar - Place, vew and respond to ads for free.

Baks Penpal Page - Listing people from ages 5 and up.

Bradleys Place - This page is dedicated to people who want to make new friends online.

Claire's Pen Pal Page - Fill out the form to be placed on the list.

Coffee Shop - Pen pals, friends and links.

Country Club - Membership offers you the opportunity to post your own listing, which has the potential to be seen by people from countries all around the world.

Einstein's Penpal Page - Interactive penpal page for people of all ages.

Etiquette Tips For PenPals - Suggestions to avoid offending or annoying people. You can also find some safety tips to keep in mind as a precaution.

First Global Mail - Country categorized list help you find pen pals from all over the world.

Forever Friends Penpals - Find your email or snail mail friends here. You can also submit your own ad.

Free Friends - New site with free email and snailmail pals this sight also offers several free live chat rooms.

Friend Pages - It's a penpal site or those looking for one or those who want to place an ad.

Friends around the World - Your passport to pen pals.

Friends Through Writing - Our purpose is to assist people around the world in their search for new penfriends, whether through email or postal mail. We also provide listings for friendship book, slam, deco, and other hobby exchanges which often are neglected on penpal websites.

Friends4u - We verify all ads every 2 months to ensure you don't waste your time looking through out of date listings.

FunTrivia Pen Pals - Meet penpals from Australia to Zaire with our pen pal match board.

Global Pals - Meet a new friend just across the street or around the globe.

Guide to Penpal and Friendship - Tips and guide to find penpal and make friends online. Browse and post ads for free.

Hands Across the World - Uniting the world in friendship. Site includes free international penpals and email pals with photos. New pals added in daily. -, free penpal and keypal site based in the UK, for anyone in the world looking for a penpal or for penpals to find others anywhere in the world.

Heart-service. Looking for faithful friends. - International Friendship. The free penpal service. Promoting cultural understanding through worldwide correspondence.

Hollie's Penpal Page - Come on in and you may find a best friend.

Inky Trails-List - Email list for penpallers who want to really talk, not just share jokes

InterPals Penpals Network - Thousands of penpals and epals registered, search, pen pals chats, and more - all for free.

IPP - Worldwide adress exchanges.

J.M's Penpal World - A discussion board on which requests for penpals may be posted.

Let's Make Friends on the Net - A searchable penpal message board.

Mailfriends - Find mail friends of all ages from all over the world.

Milan's Penpal Site - ADD your penpal ad (snail or email) or looking for penpals in my guestbook.

Net Friends Directory - DMoney's listing of internet friends. Includes pictures. A great way to meet people!

The Net Pals Network - Email listings and a few snail mail, a message board to find pals, and chat channel

Our Friends - A group of people who like making new friends over the Internet. Each member has an ID Card, which displays a little bit about themselves,

PacMall Pen Pals - Freely Add yourself to the PacMall Pen Pal Club, Search for your life long Pal. Also send Free eCards to your new Pen Pals.

The Page Web Site - An electronic sensation dedicated to pen pals, swappers, coupon clippers, and everyone else of any age. No prisoners or romance/marriage-seeking ads are allowed.

Pallies - Pallies is the place where you can meet people from different countries. This not a place for romantic relationships or any obscenities.

Pal'nAround - Join this newsletter/club today.

Pals Online Network - Site is for the true pen-pal who wants cool interactive programs.

Pammys Penpals - Offers free online registration and an ad in our regular newsletter.

Peli's Penpal - For Spanish and English penpals.

Pen Friend - Penpal newsletter

Pen Pal Connection - Search the Internet for a friend, or be found.

Pen Pal Expressions Magazine - We are a quarterly, Postal Pen Pal Magazine that covers every topic you can imagine. What, you say you enjoy Pen Palling? Rubber Stamping? Scrapbooking? Paper Arts? Crafts? Mail-Art? Creative Fun? Recipes?

Pen Pal Valley - This page is a free way for people of all ages to connect.

PenFriends Service - Lists of both email and snail mail penfriends.

Penpal Exchange - For friendship only. No romance here.

PenPal Garden - Bringing people of similiar interests together.

The Pen-Pal Group - Penpal matching service; simply join and be sent an email of pen-pals who match you from all over the world. Newsletter archived on the site.

Penpal Heaven - This penpal site offers free email, snail mail and email penpals, read the successful penpal stories, join the mailing list, chat to people in the chat room and there will be more added shortly.

Penpal International - Penpal International provides a service to let you make friends from all over the world by email or regular post. Members of all ages and from over 100 different countries.

Penpal Land - Be the person of the week, have a laugh, or find a friend.

A Penpal World - A great place to find new friends, for free. Enter your details to meet new friends or search the entries already submitted to find your perfect e-mail or postal friend. All the entries are searchable

The Penpal zone - A penpal forum conains a forum for male and a forum for female penpals. Because it is a forum it is updates instantly

Penpals Network - Penpals around the world can match up using this site that has thousands of penpals registered, making this by far the most extensive free penpals site.

Pen_Pals_United_2002's Home Page - A worldwide, successful, bi-annual event that is, perhaps, the biggest and best meeting place for letter writers the world over.

PenPal-World - Introduce you to new friends worldwide. Free ad placement and Free email.

Perfect partners pen pals - If you are looking for friends try our pen pals forums and chat room

PFAOTW - This site, Penpals From All Over the World links people up with friends for free.

PPI - Provide a free service to let you make friends from all over the world by email or regular post. Since Jan. 1999.

Richard's E-Pals Nework - This group help to bring people together from all the world

Riffnet - One-stop shop for finding lovers, friends, or penpals, getting dating ideas, playing games.

Sassociations - Features of the page include a few guestbooks, a mailing list, links to articles, information on prison penpals.

Sharon Cole's Pen Pal Depot - Includes a list and newsletter.

Sherie's Penpal Listings - The people in this list are looking for e-mail or snail mail friends (and only friends!).

Signal Penpal Magazine - Printed Signal magazine est.1960, two million readers in 40 years.

Soulseekers Personals Penpals - For adults, organized by gender.

Stickermoon - This site offers a free pen pal service for people who are into swapping things like post cards, slams, FBs, stickers and lots more. Must be 17 and under to join.

Susan's Pen Pal Page - Find a friend in your email or snail mail.

Swaramalika - Get more friends. India, Indian, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada Hindi Friends from all over the world.

Sycrawler - Penpal and Personals Search Engine

Sycrawler: Penpal and Personals Search Engine

Tooter's Homepage - A free penpal page for people of all ages who are looking for worldwide friendship and correspondence or a personal relationship.

Trigger Happy's Penpal Page - This page is for penpals, wicca, poetry, and music. I hope to gather teens together to share music, likes and interests.

Very Sp@rkles - Message board, email list and postcard exchange.

Vintik's Penpals - Find Penpals anywhere in the World.

Wacky Page of Penpal Links - Welcome to this wonderful page of great penpal links suitable for all ages. Every style of penpal site is represented here from marriage agencies, e-mail clubs, personals pages and chat rooms.

WCF's International PenFriends - World Cultural Foundation is a Non-Profit Cultural and Educational organization based in the USA that has grown to over one million members in over 251 countries and territories around the globe.

Wide Open Space - Penpal Site - A penpal page for everyone who likes britpop or any alternative/indie music.

WorldFriendship.Com - WorldFriendship.Com aims to establish a network for the people all over the world who are eagerly looking for faithful friendship, hobby partners or life partners.

WorldLinks - Worldlinks Friendship Newspaper

Worldwide Friends - Free Penfriends, Penpals and Email Pals!

ZeroBox - Penpals by email and post.