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Pen Pals Regional links

E-Cebu - Filipina girls looking for penpals, friendship, love and marriage.These women have old fashion values, but are not looking for romance.

Euro S-Pals - European penpals and links.

Foreign Correspondent - A bilingual pen pal newsletter published in Japan. Readers are Japanese who want to correspond with people from all over the world in English.

Franceworld - Students looking for international correspondence. Site is bilingual.

Irish Penpal Service - Irish website for people interested in Ireland and finding an Irish penpal.

The Japan Page - The site for people looking for Japanese pen pals. There are over 5 new entries from Japan everyday looking for pen pals worldwide.

JPA - Japan Penpal Association.

SAPE - Since 1989, SAPE (formerly 'The Soviet-American Penfriend Exchange') has matched more than 30,000 people from all over the world with penpals in the former USSR and Baltic countries.

Seek a Japanese pen-pal! - Seek a Japanese pen pal for Language Exchange.