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Pen Pals Special Interests

AES Bug Club Home Page - For Email Pen Pals interested in Bugs and 'Creepy Crawlies'.

ANJY Penpals Home Page - Find a young Jewish Email Penpal. Our database is full of people from all over the world keen to meet you.

AstroMate - Matchmaking and Online Dating - match-making service based on astrological compatibility for best matches in romance, friendship, chat, and pen-pals.

Barking Penpals - Choose a penpal from the list of dog loving penpals or add your name to the list!

Cara - 1000+ Irish Penpals and friends from Ireland.

Club '83! - For everyone born in the 1980's!

Cultural Interchange - Free penpal list for people who wish to practice Spanish with Spanish speakers and who are learning English for mutual benefit.

Cyberpals - Cyberpals is a penpals area for college students, high school students, and teens. Very popular and huge database where you can easily find other students with similar interests because it is keyword searchable.

Deaf World Web: Talks - Deaf and hearing impaired people looking for others to chat and penpal with.

Digital Teen Chat - Penpals - A searchable penpal database for teens.

Disney Pen Pal Exchange - A free pen pal list for anyone age 16 and above who would like to have email friendships with other people who share their interests and love of everything Disney.

Fb Swappers - For people who want to swap Fb's.

FB Swappers and Penpals - Meet new swappers, and penpals.

Friends of Our Troops / Military Mail - The national military morale mail pen pal campaign that gives recognition to those who go above and beyond the call of duty in their support of our men and women in uniform.

FUNKeypals - This is the place to go when you need a free and reliable pen pal service. You can post your request for teen and twenty-something pen pal and/or browse the ads available, and chat in our teen and twenty-something chatrooms

Hanson Crowd - Everything you want to know about Hanson, including: quizzes, polls, multimedia, pen pals, chat and many more

IceSkating Email-Pals Club - General figure skating and ice skating Email-Pals Club membership listings.

Justusparents penpals - Join the Justusparents Community. Find a Penpal Find A Parent Pal.

LadyChristian Courtesy Letter Writing - Christian, caring person providing a correspondence service for individuals in Nursing Homes and Long Term Care facilities. Available anywhere in the continental U.S.

Penpals- Panic/Anxiety Disorders - Find a support friend and penpal for your recovery from panic and anxiety disorders.

Penpals-N-Prison - prison inmates seeking pen pals for friendship, companionship, love and marriage.

Peterweb Creations - USA - peterweb pen pals.

Pregnancy and Parenting - Add yourself to our database or search through over 1400 penpals to find one with similar pregnancy and parenting experiences.

SAPE - Since 1989, SAPE (formerly 'The Soviet-American Penfriend Exchange') has matched more than 30,000 people from all over the world with penpals in the former USSR and Baltic countries.

Scouting Penpal Page - Worldwide Scouting Penpals.

Student Letter Exchange: Pen Pals Service - For over 60 years, The Student Letter Exchange has matched English speaking Pen Pals with students, ages 9-18, across the US and around the world.

Stuttering Penpals Page - Penpal requests from hundreds of men and women who stutter, all ages, professions, and areas of the world.

World Pen Pals - Students Writing to Students. The Largest Education Pen Friend Movement in the World

Worldwide Penpals - Worldwide Penpals Personals Way To Find Romance Friends. International Net Pals Friendships. Many asian ladies with photo looking for marriage.

Zodiac PenPal Page - Looking for a friend by the signs of the zodiac.