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Pet Loss

Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement - Information on pet loss and bereavement.

AVMA Pet Loss - Pet loss resources from the American Veterinary Medical Association

Candle Light Rose Ceremony - Sunday Night Candle lighting Ceremony, to remember our Pets who have passed Beyond Life's GateWay.

Canines of America - Dog & Pet Memorial - Post your tributes.

Cat Loss Sympathy Cards - Catsympathy postcards designed for people who wish to express sympathy to an owner on the loss of their cat.

Doggyheaven - A memorial cyber quilt where dog lovers can remember their canine companions.

Dogheaven - Pays tribute to the dog in life and death with memoriam and photographs; proceeds go to the SPCA. - Houses online tributes to your departed pets, and offer resources for grieving survivors.

Florida Pet Grief Support Hotline - Information and resources for coping with the death of a pet.

For Eternity - Keep a beloved pet's memory alive through a virtual burial shrine. For Eternity will donate a percentage of all proceeds to the Humane Society.

Gone to DogStar - Free memorial page open to all dogs who have Gone to DogStar. Post a star in the sky, and a photo/tribute page, all free.

Grief-Net Pets - Pet Loss Support.

Heavenly Pets - A webring constructed to honor our beloved pets; contains kits to create your angelic pet for your personal webpage (clouds, wings, halos, music etc).

In Cyber Heaven - This online pet cemetery creates everlasting online memorial pages for your cherished pets.

In Memory Of Pets - Pet loss tributes, memorials, support and candle light rose ceremony.

Iowa State University Pet Loss Support Hotline - Established to provide a source of emotional support for those who have recently lost a pet or are anticipating a loss.

Journey Through Pet Loss Audiobook - This site addresses pet loss topics including feelings of grief and bereavement, euthanasia, animal death, memorials.

K9 Haven - Cloud 9 - A remembrance of our four-legged friends gone on to the Rainbow Bridge.

Lightning Strike - Pet-Loss Support Page - The Virtual Pet Cemetery

Of Course You Can Cry - Pet tip: coping with the loss of a pet. From the American Humane Association.

On The Death Of A Beloved Cat - A collection of poems and stories to help ease the loss of a pet

Pet Heaven - Place a memorial tribute to your dearly departed pet.

Pet Heaven - UK-based site on all aspects of pet bereavement, grief and loss. Offers a free obituary service along with sale of caskets and memorials.

Pet Loss - Articles, online memorials, hotlines, discussion groups, counselors, pet memorial products, stories, poetry, and more.

Pet Loss & Grieving Resources - Animal Friends provides organized, annotated links to Pet Loss & Grieving Resources available online.

Pet Loss - Tracks in the Sand - Info and links to help when you've lost a beloved pet.

Pet Loss Grief Support - Personal support resources, The Monday Candle Ceremony, healing poetry including Rainbow Bridge and more.

Pet Loss Support Hotline - From the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.

Pet Loss Sympathy Cards - Send a free sympathy card to a grieving human to let them know you care.

Pet Loss Sympathy Cards - Losing a beloved pet is never easy... Send a free sympathy card to a grieving human to let them know you care.

Pet Memorial Website - Free memorials for your beloved pets, with photos and tributes. Links to other pet related sites.

Pet Reflections Pet Memorial Quilt - Contribute a picture and dedication and help create a memorial pet photo quilt.

Pets Cyber Cemetery - A permanent resting place for your pets where you can visit them.

Rainbow Bridge - Non horse owners often don't understand how devastating it is to lose a horse.

Rainbow Bridge - Dedicated to the loved and lost furbabies, with graphics, poetry, causes to support, pet facts, a dedication page where you can have your pet.

Rainbow Bridge - Free memorial tribute web page for your beloved friend. Includes two pictures.

Rainbow Bridge Tribute - Post tributes, photos, and poems to departed pets; message board, chat room and postcards available.

Rainbows Bridge - Features poetry, chat rooms, and other tributes to deceased pets.

Super Dog's Pet Loss

Time To Let Go - A guide to euthanasia, the death of a cat and pet bereavement

Tufts Pet Loss - Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine Pet Loss Support Hotline.

Virtual Pet Cemetery

Whisper in the Heart - To overcome my grief, I created a collection of memorial jewelry and pendants to help deal with the emptiness and loss.