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Pets Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy - This Super Dog site features the stories of individual therapy dogs, most with pictures. Includes an easy form for submitting your own Therapy Dog story.

Assistance Animals - Offers products, links and addresses to major assistance animal organizations and associations

Canine Working Companions - CWC provides service dogs to people with disabilities. They also train the staff and dogs for the nationally recognized Eden Alternative for Nursing Homes.

Discovery Dogs - We are a unique program whose mission is to promote self-determination and greater independence by providing individualized assistance dog training programs for people with disabilities.

Dog Play - Taking pets, especially dogs, visiting people in health care facilities; therapy ranges from mental and physical stimulation; petting the dogs, formal supervised therapy addressing a particular situation.

Dog Visitation Program Overview, Children's Hospital Medical Center of Cincinnati - The Children's Hospital Medical Center of Cincinnati Dog Visitation program recruits, screens, and trains teams of volunteer dogs and their handlers to visit pediatric patients.

Dog-Play: Joining a Therapy Dog Group - Finding someone to certify your dog is often a frustrating experience. The evaluations offered by the national organizations aren't always as frequent and convenient as you might like.

Giving Unconditional Love - Fido’s for Freedom is a volunteer assistance dog training organization in Baltimore. The URL takes you to the Therapy Dog page featuring dozens therapy dog stars. Each dog has it’s own thumbnail picture which is linked to a larger picture and short bio’s.

Healing Dogs - Describes the psychological healing and support provided by service dogs, especially companion golden retrievers. Included are true stories and a psychology contest named You vs Your Dog.

Helping Hounds Ltd. - The organization was born out of the philosophy that animals can improve the quality of life at all levels of society. Helping Hounds is concerned with reaching the community with an understanding of the importance of animals in our lives. Visitations to health care facilities, research, education and art are all avenues that are pursued by the program.

Infection Control in Animal Facilitated Therapy - If you work with a therapy dog partner, it’s a good idea to read this informative article by Linda Hume, LPN of Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital in Salem, NH. Then follow the link “home” and enjoy traveling around in the Animal Assisted Therapy site maintained by RehabNET.

Intermountain Therapy Animals - Non-profit organization bringing animal resources to human needs. Specializing in animal-assisted therapy in the areas of physical, occupational, speech and psychotherapies.

My Life as a Therapy Dog - A former racing greyhound named Jordan briefly tells his story of spreading love as a registered Pet Therapy dog.

My Therapy Puppy! - A Belgian Tervuren puppy named Shadow visits his senior citizen friends weekly. Site includes photographs, stories, links and animal assisted therapy resources.

Pacific Animal Therapy Society - Pet visitations improve the wellbeing of the sick, elderly, lonely and shut-ins. P.A.T.S pets come in all shapes and sizes. While most are dogs, P.A.T.S. therapy pets include cats, rabbits, birds, goats, even a llama, a miniature horse, and a snake.

Paws For Health pet visitation program - Non-profit pet visitation program which uses community volunteers and their adult dogs to visit hospitalized children.

Perennial Australian Shepherd Therapy Dogs - An informative site that answers the question What do therapy dogs do? Includes photos and links and suggestions for helping your Fido become a therapy dog.

Pet-Assisted Therapy - Description of the pet assisted therapy program in place at the San Diego Humane Society.

Service and Therapy Dogs - An introduction to service and therapy dogs.

SHAREing the Love - site describes the Marin Humane Society’s SHARE program in Novato, California

Therapy Dog Team Training Program - Lyn Richards talks about the requirements for a good therapy dog. From her site.

Therapy Dogs - Links to therapy dogs, animal-assisted therapy, and animal-assisted services, from Dog-Play.

Therapy Dogs - Getting Started - If you’re considering becoming part of a therapy dog team, here’s a wonderful place to get lots of information on how to get started.

Utah Animal-Assisted Therapy Association - We are a non-profit organization based in Salt Lake City dedicated to bringing comfort, love, and hope to those in need through the miracle of the human-animal bond.

Golden Therapy - From the on-line archives of the Spokesman Review comes this short feature story of Cedrick the Golden Retriever. (February 23, 1999)

Rottweilers can be friends, therapy dogs, too - An entertaining article from the on-line edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about a rescued Rottweiler with a new and rewarding job. (February 17, 1999)

What About Dolphin Assisted Therapy? - This is an interesting article published in “Whales Alive!”, The Quarterly Publication of Cetacean Society International, describing the down side to Dolphin Assisted Therapy. (April 2, 1998)

Therapy dog helps Newark students - “Courier-Gazette Digital Edition” story of a retired guide dog turned therapy dog that works in a Newark high school classroom. Includes photo. (November 19, 1997)

Mastiffs offer therapeutic companionship - The story of four giant mastiffs and their new-found roles as therapy dogs. By Tara Maguire at the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. (February 25, 1997)