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Photography History

American Museum of Photography - Daguerreotypes to modernism. Research center features a guide early photo processes; book reviews; information on preserving/protecting valuable photographs.

Bob's Photo Page - Brief history of photography, the development of modern photography, and biographies of early photographers.

Central Pacific Railroad - Photographic History Museum; stereoviews of the first transcontinental railroad. Nineteenth century photography by A.A. Hart, A.J. Russell, C.R. Savage, and E. Muybridge. - Resource for info on history of photography, family photographs and images, and genealogy. Focus is on 19th century photography.

George Eastman House - International museum of photography and film. History, information, and galleries.

Graflex.Org - Promoting the use and preservation of Graflex Speed Graphics and other classic and large-format cameras. Information, pictures, and articles.

History of Photography - Hypertext history of photography covering people and processes from the 1920s. By a former Education Officer at the Royal Photographic Society.

Magic Lantern Collection 'de Luikerwaal' - Information about the precursor of the film- and slide projector.

Masters of Photography - Exhibitions of black and white photographs from the 1930's, including work by Walker Evans, Russell Lee, Marion Post Wolcott, and other Farm Security Administration photographers. Prints for sale.

Masters of Photography - Galleries of work of great photographers.

PhotoHistory 1646-1945 - Chronological history of photography in Japan from 1646 to 1945.

Photo-Secession - Brief article about Alfred Stieglitz and the Photo-Secession.

Photo-Secession - Pamphlet, originally published in 1902, describes the Photo-Secession group.

Stereoviews of the Nineteenth Century - View original 19th century stereoviews; browse through a directory of annotated web sites.

Victorian Magic Lanterns - Victorian entertainment, lantern slides, pre-cinema history, period images, gallery, and greeting card service.

Wilson A. Bentley, 1865-1931 - Photographer of snowflakes, and snow crystals; details about his life and techniques of photomicrography.

Women in Photography Archive - Focuses on the role of women in photography. Includes essays on women photographers and an online gallery.

100 Year Perspective - Then and now photos of Colorado by pioneer photographer Joseph Collier and his great-great grandson Grant Collier.