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Blackbeard - About Edward Blackbeard Teach, the Queen Anne's Revenge, recovered treasures and artifacts.

Blackbeard - Treasure Hunt - Information about Edward Teach and his ship the Queen Anne's Revenge.

Blackbeard Lives - Offering detailed information about Blackbeard, including RealAudio or wav clips.

Blackbeard (Teach, Edward): Pirates and Privateers - Biography of one of the most infamous pirates in history.

Blackbeard: Teach's Hole - Exhibit and Pyrate Specialty Shoppe dedicated to Blackbeard the pirate, who died in Ocracoke, NC. Detailed history of Blackbeard, also general info on piracy.

Blackbeard, the Legend of - A short biography of Edward Teach by JTHT.

Blackbeard's Shipwreck - Information on the pirate and the wreck of his ship the Queen Anne's Revenge.

Bonny, Anne - An account of the life of a notorious female pirate, based on the writings of John Carlova.

Bonny, Anne and Read, Mary - Abridged versions of the biographies of these two women pirates provided in Captain Charles Johnson's book.

Dampier, William: The New World Voyages - Brief biography of this 17th century British explorer. From the Athena Review.

Drake, Sir Francis - Sir Francis Drake's latitude errors point to his California landfall in 1579.

Drake, Sir Francis - Extensive pages on Drake and his Famous Voyage - the 16th century circumnavigation of the world on the Golden Hind. Portions adapted from Francis Drake in Nova Albion - The Mystery Restore by Oliver Seeler.

Drake, Sir Francis - A short biography of the English pirate/privateer.

Drake, Sir Francis: Pirates and Privateers - Biography of this English navigator and privateer.

Kidd's Island - A short history of Captain Kidd and speculation about pirate's treasure buried in the Connecticut River.

Morgan, Henry - a Welsh buccaneer - A short biography of Sir Henry Morgan and his relationship with the Morgans of Monmouthshire.

O'Malley, Gráinne: Pirates and Privateers - Biography of this Irish noblewoman turned pirate. Also known as Gráinne Ni Mháille, Granuaile, Grace O'Malley, Grany Malley.

The Pirate Wench Hideaway: Historical Hellions - Biographies of famous female pirates including Anne Bonny and Grainne Ni Mhaille.

Tew, Thomas - A biography of the privateer/pirate.

Whydah Pirates - A National Geographic documentary on the Whydah, and the lives of her crew.

Ahoy, Captain! Welcome to the seas of Pirateer... - Vast treasure, fast ships and cutthroat rivals await you on the seas of Pirateer, the fast-paced strategy game where fortunes turn on pirate skullduggery and a roll of the dice.

Pirateer - All about the game. Animated Instructions. Free Demo. Game Trivia.

Beej's Pirate Image Archive - Artwork, drawings, and other piratical images.

The Buccaneers of America - A true account of the most remarkable assaults committed of late years upon the coasts of the West Indies by the Buccaneers of Jamaica and Tortuga. By John Esquemeling.

In Search of Blackbeard - Article about Edward Teach from October '97 Historic Traveler Feature

Origin of the Jolly Roger - A brief explanation of the origin of the pirate flag or Jolly Roger.

Treasure Island - A teaching unit for R.L. Stevenson's book - includes pirates' training courses, research, Seaman First Class test, Treasure Island Guide and bibliography.

When Blackbeard Scourged the Seas - A biography of Edward Teach, one image.

Old Hickory and the Pirate - Historic Traveler Feature - An article about Andrew Jackson, Jean Lafitte and the Battle of New Orleans. (February 1, 1997)

About Pirates and their Lives - General information about pirates - includes biographies and flags.

Canadian Privateering - Information on the history of privateering concentrating on Nova Scotia, Canada - includes FAQ, a do-it-yourself Letter of Marque, and recommended reading list.

Capt. Blood's Haven - A collection of information on piracy - includes biographies of famous captains, assorted documents, pictures, and a bibliography. Also, a children's section and desktop themes.

Captain Cutlass's Pirate Page - Some basic pirate information with many images.

Captain Morgan's Journal - Mostly lists of books about pirates - includes links to other nautical sites.

Corsair - A history of the Jolly Roger flag and piracy in general.

CyberInk: Pirates - Collection of links to pirate-related books, videos, historical destinations and pirate-related travel destinations and collectibles.

The Golden Age of Piracy - A site with some brief information on pirate authors. Buys and sells books, maps, prints, coins and artifacts.

Isle of Tortuga - Information on piracy and privateering across different ages and geographical sites.

The Jolly Roger - A literary e-zine with a pirate theme. Some articles are of a nautical nature.

Luis the Tripi - Very minimal page about pirates - includes some flag images.

Mother Rackett's Drunken Sailors Inn - Supports suicide prevention through performances of historical re-enactments based on historical pirate incursions and the sale of pirate themed goods and services. Requires donation for members only sections.

The New England Pirate Museum - An historical tour of piracy in 17th century New England. Educational packets available.

No Quarter Given - A source for general information on things of pirate nature - includes books, events, and photos.

NQG Pirate Links - Links to pirate and maritime sites.

Piece of Eight's Pirate's Den - Information about pirates during the Golden Age of Piracy - includes biographies, images, sources.

Pirate King's Plank - Some images, but otherwise very slim on pirate information.

Pirate Pete's Kids Index - A site oriented toward children's activities with a pirate theme.

Pirates - Pirate information presented by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.

Pirates - A general look a pirates from the Golden Age of Piracy, oriented toward children.

Pirates - Brief information on pirates, buccaneers and privateers - includes information on a few famous pirates. Some artwork and graphics.

Pirates - General information on pirates from the Golden Age of Piracy - includes quotes, flags, biograpies and tales.

Pirates - Fact and Legend - Offers many facts on pirates in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Pirates at the City Art Centre - General information about pirates - includes biographies, maps and Scottish information.

The Pirate's Cove - Nautical archaeology and pirate history - includes several biographies of famous pirates.

Pirates: Fact and Fiction - General information about pirates and piracy - includes some images.

The Pirate's Hold - Information on pirates - includes biographies, movies, books, flags, ships and period maps.

Pirates of the Caribbean - A historical look at piracy in the Caribbean - includes biographies of famous pirates, historical information and a bibliography.

Pirates of the Spanish Main - Contains information on piracy in general, notorious pirates, shipwrecks, treasures, piracy literature, artwork, and games.

Pirate's Plunders - Brief information about pirates.

Pirates, Privateers, Buccaneers - A look at piracy in North America and the Caribbean in the 17th and 18th centuries - includes information on a variety of pretexts, methods and locations of practicing sea crime, and some pirates' rules of conduct.

Pirates: Rochedale State School - Piracy in the 17th and 18th centuries - includes general information, biographies of famous pirates, stories, poems, questions, and a summary of R.L. Stevenson's Treasure Island. Researched and written by Year 5A students at Rochedale State School.

Pyrates Providence - Information about pirates and piracy during the Golden Age of Pirates - includes biographies, ships and treasure.

The Scoop - Adventure Page - Pirate site oriented around interactive stories for children.

Scurvy Dogs - General information about piracy in the Golden Age.

Queen Anne's Revenge Project - Official site of a project to protect, document, recover, and interpret the shipwreck believed to be Queen Anne's Revenge, flagship of Blackbeard the pirate.

The Treasures of Expedition Whydah - Site devoted to the pirate shipwreck Whydah, the only documented pirate wreck ever discovered. Some general notes about historical piracy.