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Greeting Cards 

1-2-3 Greetings

1st Source Electronic Postcards

2 Cool 4 You Postcards

21st Century Greeting Card Company

3 D Adventure Card Shop

96X Goes Postal

AAAYA - All Alaska And Yukon Adventures Postcards

A Wizards Postcards

A-Card A-Day

ABC Greeting Artist

AdOn Web's EnviroCards

Ahmed's E-Cards- good selections

Air Art Extraordinair Cards

Alberta Postcards

All Flowers Postcards

All Route 66 Postcards

All yours postcards

Aloha from Hawaii Postcards

American Greetings Animated Greetings

Amore' on the Net

Amstel The Camera

Angel Winks Postcards

Angel's Stardust Cybercards


Animated Musical Greeting Card Store

Apisilp Book Electronic Postcards

April Fool's Fake Mail

Arizona's WebHub Postcards

Arkworld Greetings

Art Photo Greeting Card Company

Asia Travel Birthday Cards

Asia World Greeting Cards

Astrological Postcards

AT&ampT and Chiti Art

Aurora Developments

Av@ntart Musical Postcards

Awesome Cyber Cards

B-Guide Send a Postcard

Badlands Postcards from GT Web

Baha'i WebCard

Barry's Digital Postcards

Bates b-mail 2 cards

BC Yellow Pages Birthday Cards

BC Yellow Pages Virtual Bouquet

Be Mine

Beachmark's Cards

Beatle's Postcards

Beautiful Women Photocards

Beavis and Butthead Hate-Grams

Belize Digital Post Office

Benetton Postcards

Best Flowers and Electronic Postcards

Beverly Hills Electric Postoffice

Beware of Cat

Big Kahoona Post Cards

Bishop Museum- Hawaii cards


Bloomsbury Flowers

Blue Mountain Arts

Blueberry Post-a-card

Bolivia Web Postcards

Bolomedia Animated Cards

Bombshell Postcard

BonBons Away

Bonnie's Box of Cards

Boomerang Cybercards

Boomtown City E-Cards

Boxer World Postcards

BoxTop Postcards

Branch Mall's Christmas Cards

Branson-Online Internet Postcards!

Bubbles Digital Postcards

Budweiser Send a Postcard

Build A Card

Bulldog Postcards

Bunte epost-Schnelle Post

Bury a Virtual Treasure for a Friend

Byte-Size Greetings

C Greetings

Caliente Postcards

Car Talk Postcard Center

Card IT

CCC Postales

Central Warehouse Postcards

Chinese Cyber City Postcards

Christmas Around the World Postcards

Christmas Seals - Send a Seal

Circle of Friends E-cards

Coca Cola E Cards

Color Your Own Cowcards

Columbia Cheer Cards

Computer Museum Postcard Rack

Connect Time's Card Shop

Cool Man and Kitty's Teen Love cards

Cool Pets Postcards

CopyCaps Postcards from the Edge of America

Corvette Postcards from the Web

CP Wireless Postcard

Create a Card by Jamie

Creative Kids Cards

Crooked I PostOffice

Crystal Cavern - Send a Virtual Crystal

Cupid's Cove GIFt Suprises!

CyBear Gram

Cyber Glamour Date

Cyber Greetings

Cyber Mess





CyberSpace Postcard

Cyberzoo Postcards

Daily Diversions

Daimonix Raw Art Cards

De Electronische Postcard

Debby's Cartoon Postcards from Nova Scotia

Decipher's Gift Shop

Delta Airlines Postcards from your World

Destination: Nova Scotia/Postcards!

Digital Dream Postcards

Diva Postcards


Dog day Afternoon, dog postcards


Down to Earth Cybercards

Down to Earth Flower Postcards

DPPlus Electronic Postcard Shop

Durban Experience


E-Card Shop


E-City Postcards

E-Flower Shop


E-Mail from Santa

E-Mail MusicBox Greetings

E-Net Postal

EarthVision Postcard

Easynet Postoffice

EGC-Electronic Greeting Card

Electric Postcard

Electronic Antique Postcard

Electronix Postcards

Emphasis Animated Greeting Card Centre

Energizer's Hare Mail Express Delivery System

Eskimo Joe's Postoffice

Europa-Sport Region Postcards


Fantasy cards on Eliki

Farcus Comics

Fastball FastCards

Fat Cat Cafe Post Office

FEDU Greeting Cards

Felix Postcards

Ferrari Postcards

Flirt Postcards

Fonte Santafiora: Tuscany Postcard Service

Fox Postcards

Frank and Ernest Greeting Cards


G.A. Girl Cyber Cards and Flowers

Garfield Greetings

Gator Postcards

geekgirl Postcards

Geo-Mall's Internet Postcards


Go Card Gratis Postkort

Go Greetings


Goosebumps Boo-Gram

Grandmother Spider's Spirit Web Post Office

Great Dane postcards

Greet Online Card Creation Center


Greeting Card Central

Greetings Server

Guess? Postcards

Gund's Postcards

Hallmark Greeting Cards

Halo Postcards

Hammy Hamster Card

Handsome Hunks Photocards

HawleyNet's Christmas Postcards

HawleyNet's Postcards

Healself Holistic Greeting Cards

Heineken E-Cards

HiSonoran Postcards

Hitchhikers Electronic Greeting Card Center

HKNet iCard Center

HomeArts Postcards from the Web

Horoscope Cards

Hot Wheels Postcards

Hungry Mind Review Postcards

i Flowers and Postcards

I Luv

IDC Postcard Shop

Illawarra Postcards

InfoMAL's Web Greetings Service

Inn on the Lake Postcards

Intergreetings AniMails

Internet Card Central Digital Postcards

Internet Flora

Internet Greeting Cards

Internet Postcards

Internet Reminder Service

InterNote Greeting Cards

Invisible Fencing&regPet Central Mailroom

Irish Sports Report E-Cards!

Israels' Send A Greeting

Ivory Coast Postcard Rack

JayZeeBear's Colorbook Post Office

Jenny's Cards

Jolly Rancher Postcard Rack

Just-So Literacy Postcards

KC Chiefs Postcards

Kellogg's Card Shop

Kentucky Derby Cards

Khrakiv, Postcards from the Ukraine

Kentucky Postcards

KidsWorld Greeting Card

Kimon O' Gram Editor

Kiss - virtual kisses via e-mail


KNTV Greeting Cards

Kodak Picture This Postcards

Kotel Postcard

Kountry Kards

Lamp Link Bookmark Cards

Land of Fnusa Card Shop

Leanin' Tree

Leningrad Cowboys Christmas Card Server

Leningrad Cowboys Sibercard Server

Lexington Postcards

Lightsource Online Postcards

Linda@Home Postcards

Lion King Postcard

Loeki Hoek

Lost Dog Digital Postcard

Lounge Postcards

Love at First Site Cards and Letters

m e a n i n g Postcards

Maayboli Postcards

Mad-Dog Postcards

Magic of Fisher Price Greeting Card

Main Quad QPID cards

Maine Exile Products

Maine Internetworks WebCard

Major League Soccer Electronic Postcards

Make Me Happy Virtual Flowers

ManofSteele Birthday Card

Mark's Apology Note Generator

Marketing Mix - Electronic Postcards

Marlo's Cyber Cards Poste Directe

Martin E-mail Postcard Store



MCA Chicago Postcard

Mediabridge's Thanksgiving Card Center

Mediabridge's Valentine's Day Card Center

MediaComm E-Cards

Mega Mall Electronic Greeting Card Center

Mega-Site Mail Room

MegaPoint's Digital Postcard Service


Miller Lite Beer-A-Gram

Miss Janet. - Janet Jackson Valentine Cards

Mr. Blunt's Card Shop

MOIFA Online Folkcards

Mount Vernon Electronic Trading Card Center

Mountain Postcards

MountainTravel * Sobek Postcards

Mr. Hugs Funtastic postcards

MSO's Greeting Center

Multimedia Bulletin Board Postcard Service

Multimedia Greeting Cards

Musical Card Shop

My Future Postcards

My Sentiments(TM) Greeting Cards

National Geophysical Electronic Postcard

Neat Tequila pix cards

Negatron Sour Greetings

NetGate Postcards

Netwalkers Electronic Postcards

New Asia Singapore Postcard Creator

Ninsun's Virtual Stress Relievers

NOTAM's PostOffice

NovaScotia Cards

NYU Postcards Around the World

Oaklawn Jockey Club Postcards

O.A.R.S. Postcards

Ohio Tourism Postcards

Oliver News Card

Online Flower Stall

Orange Tree Postcards

Ottawa Canada Cards

Outdoors Postcards

Pacific Products Postcards

Pagan Postcards

Parsons Technology CardShop

Passion for Parrots Postcards

Passion: Celine Dion

Payson Arizona Electronic Postcard

PCGreetings: nice painted cards, many occasions

PC Today Postcard Office

Pennsylvania Recreation Virtual Postcards

Pettit Enterprises Digital Postcards

Phillip's Flowers

Photosnap Electronic Postcard from Hawaii

Pier 21 PostCards

Pizza Boboli

Planet Hollywood Postcards

Pocket Internet Post Office

Poetry in Motion Postcards

Porsche Boxster Postcards

Post@Photo Cards

Postcard from America's Town Square

Postcard from CowTown America

Postcard from Ohio

Postcards from Paradise

Postcards from Space

Postcards from Spring Training

Postcards from the Emirates

Postcards of Passion

Poster Express Poster Cards

postLEEDS Postcards and Greeting Cards

Prairie Postcards

Preview Travel Postcards

Primordial Soup Kitchen Postcards

Prince Edward Island Postcards

PythOnline Organ Donor Messages


Rebecca's Kitten postcards

Red Sox Postcards

Retro Active Card Rack

RoadTrip America Postcards

Romeo and Juliet E-Postcards

Royal Caribbean E-Postcards

Royal Tyrrell Museum Postcards

SaigonNet Greeting Card Center

Santa's Email Page

SantaMail: Santa's Post Office

Say It! Talking Greeting Card

Schnauzer Ware Postcards

Schweppes Gallery Postcards Postcards

Sears Portrait Studio Card Gallery

Seattle Square Postcards

Send a Kiss

Shambhala Publications Postcards

Sharon's Postcards

Shawna's Virtual Flowers

Siberian Husky postcards

Simply Valentine E-Cards

SINA Netizens E-Cards

Skynet Postcards

Smint Kiss and Tell Service

SNAC Attack Postcards

Souhaits Virtuels

Spitfire Grill E-Postcards

Spray - Send A Blue Note

Squeeze Your Honey Service

Starnet Flower Server

Stephen Shrimp Mail Service

Stoli Note

Striptease Postcards

Super Football Electronic Greeting Cards

Syracuse Online Electric Cards

Tabasco's PepperFest Post Office

Tabbie's Electronic Post Office Netcards

TCBY Greeting Cards

Terengganu's Postcards

Thailand Cybercards

That Thing You Do Postcards

The Baby Net

The Cardmaster

The Cyrano Server

The Electric Postcard

The Electronic Postcard Rack

The Fridge's Big Blue Mailbox

The Game presents Electronic Postcards

The Mani Web Postcard Site

The Park Gift Shop

The Street of Shops Virtual Greeting Cards

The Teddies Trader Teddybear postcards

The Zack Files

Tiffany's personal postcards*

Tommy the Tank Engine Postcards

Toongram Cartoon Postcards

TopsyKats, Cat cards

TourYukon Postcards

TravelTex:: Postcards from Texas

Trentino Postcard Rack

Tunnel of Love

TWOC Christmas Cards

U.S. Robotics Birthday Postcards

UCLA Postcard Rack

UIP Moviemail

Unicards for Every Occasion

Untracked Postcard Center

UOL Cards from Brasil

USA Greetings

Utah Postcards

UTV NetToob Postcards

Valentine Coupons

Vanlink Electronic Postcard Service

Victoria's Holiday Cards

Victorian Art for Mother

Viet San Diego Online - Greeting Card Center

Virtual Beer from Shiner

Virtual Cape Cod

Virtual Dessert

Virtual Florist

Virtual Flowers Homepage

Virtual Hugs and Kisses

Virtual Millie's Online

Virtual Omlette

Virtual Presents

Virtual Road Trip Postcards

Virtual Smoke Signal

Virtual Teenie Beanie Baby

Virtual Wine from Zebra

Virtual Vacation Postcards

Virtual Vacation

Virtual West - Stagecoach Station

Virtually Virtual Iceland Postcards

VISIT Virginia Post Office 1000 images

Vladimir Rappoport's Postcard Site

Volition Digital Postcards

Web 13's Unchewable Postcards


Webfactor Flower Shop

WebgraFX Electronics Postcards

Weblink Greetingcard World

What If? Postcards

Winter Web Wonderland Gift Surprise

Worldshop Web Cards

WorldVillage Digital Postcards

Xenus Postcards

Xpoze Chinese New Years Card Greeting

Xpress WebCard

XXIII Bienal Internacional de Sao Paulo

Y'all Postcards

Yankee Lady Corvette Swap Meet Postcards

Yellow Submarine's Internet Greetings Cards

Yoak Enterprises

Zen-Me Postcards