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Publications Search Engines

CIAC Bulletins

Search CIAC security bulletins and alerts

Electronic Newsstand

Search for articles from leading magazines, newsletters, newspapers, catalogues, etc.

Getty Art History Information Program

Multiple databases of Art/Architecture related publications

Government Publications

Search for online government publications

Internet Law Library - Code of Federal Regulations

Internet Law Library - U.S. Code

Full text search of U.S. Code


Full text of Shakespeare's works

Thomas - Library of Congress

Full text search of current legislation

Time Warner's Pathfinder

Full text search of several Time Warner publications

U.S. Senate

Search all Senate documents

White House Virtual Library

Search White House website (publications, press releases, photos, etc.)


American Research on the Treasury of the French Language

Complete Works of William Shakespeare

MIT's The Tech provides a great reference to the Bard of Avon's work. Enter a quotation, and get a reference to the play, act, and scene it's in--then read the whole thing. There's even a glossary to help with those 16th-century terms.

The Tech archive search

Look over the past ten years of MIT's The Tech, a weekly news, arts, and culture magazine.

WWW Virtual Library: Electronic Journals

Search titles and descriptions of online journals

WWW Virtual Library: Publishers Online

Publishers with a World Wide Web or Internet presence