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Quotations that are Inspirational

American Inspirational Network - Inspirational stories, poems, letters and quotes. Readers are encouraged to participate by submitting their own stories and letters.

AVerzADay - Inspirational quotes, verses, and poems of the day.

Ben's Inspirational Archive - A collection of inspirational quotes, stories, and poems.

Cyber Quotations - Provides inspirational quotations, stories, articles, products and other resources to motivate and help develop personal success.

Daily Celebrations - Life is a celebration of passionate colors! ! Motivational quotations. Daily reasons to celebrate life written and researched by a cancer survivor.

Daily Inspirations from Of The Goddess Ltd. - An inspiring quote each day from enlightening sources. All quotes are archived.

Encouraging Quotes and Excerpts - A free collection of encouraging, motivating and inspirational quotes.

Follow Your Dreams: Inspiration for Dreamers - Inspirational resource for dreamers, with 100s of quotations, a daily inspirational quote, and fine art postcards with quotations.

Gem Of Proverbs & Poems - Famous Proverbs, Inspirational Quotations, Classic Poems, Visual Poetry, English and Chinese Verse, Beautiful Images With Poems. A Casual, Instructive, Serene Site For Art And Literature.

HeartQuotes - Bite-sized heart power boosters, sorted by subject or delivered to your email box Monday through Friday. 

4Inspiration -- a guide for inspiration from - By golly, you can do it! The motivation you need from Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Dreams Alive and Chicken Soup for the Soul. Start living life to the fullest!

Inspiration Peak - A beautiful collection of inspirational quotes, poetry and short stories. Updated weekly with a new inspirational message.

Inspirational Quotes - Quotes to move you towards fulfillment - helping yourself and helping others. Features a 'Quote of the Hour'. 

http://www.beautiful Inspiration - A little touch of inspiration delivered daily.

Karl's Life and Living Page - Includes inspirational quotes and advice on bringing meaning and purpose into your life.

Life Mentoring - Thoughts of thinkers, philosophies and religions for inspiration and motivation. 

Motivating Moments - Many pages of inspirational and motivational quotations, contributed by readers, with a special section for teens.

Motivational Mecca - Motivational quotations, free electronic greeting cards, success stories, and quote a day feature. Contributions welcome.

Motivational - Free daily motivational and inspirational messages, quotes, articles and short stories.

MotivationalQuotes.Com - Motivational resources, quotations database, prayers, affirmations, inspirational wallpapers, uplifting postcards, surveys, and a motivational links directory. 

Patrick Combs' Good Thinking Site - Motivational success columns, inspirational stories and quotations.

The Powerline - Thought For The Day - An uplifting, inspirational, sometimes humorous quotation, updated daily. Viewed on page or through email.

Quotable Quotes - Some of our favorite and inspiring sayings and pearls of wisdom that we've come across in our own processes of recovery and growth.

Quotation Central - 750+ inspirational quotations arranged by subject including links to other quotations websites.

20,000 Quotations for Creative Thinking - Search 20,000 inspirational and thought-provoking quotations by keyword, author, topic, source, date of birth, nationality, and profession. Quotes are carefully selected to encourage creative thinking and strategic management.

Quotations for Inspiration - This site has a collection of motivation quotations. Categories include overcoming obstacles, love, friendship, and much more.

The Quote Lady - Over 2100 inspirational quotations arranged by author and subject, plus a new quote every morning.

Quotes on Change and Growth - Targeted quotes on personal change and growth.

Quotes To Live By - Inspirational quotes by the great minds of the past and the present. Categories include Character, Gratitude, Life, Friendship and Nature.

Quotes to Motivate - Quotes, poems, thoughts, ideas on how to change the world with kindness, encouragement, knowledge, and empowerment.

Sensibility, Inspiration, and Enlightenment - A single page of powerful and positive quotations, unsorted.

Soulfood - Thought provokers, meditations, inspirational quotes, prose, and poetry, arranged by subject.

Thoughts - A site of inspirational and motivational quotations and personal reflections.

Thoughts For Today - Inspirational quotes updated daily. 

To Inspire - A large, searchable collection of quotations organized by categories. Features include a free weekly email subscription service and a send-a-quote function.

TPCN - Quotation Center - More than 13,000 of the greatest quotations - words of wisdom to inspire and empower you to achieve your dreams and fantasies. Author and subject indexes, keyword search, and quote of the day feature.

Very Inspirational Quotes - Inspirational quotes taken from Very Inspirational Books. 

Wonderful Life - Inspirational Quotes - A page of uplifting and inspiring quotations.

Words of Wisdom 4 U! - Thoughts, quotes, stories & books to help make positive changes in your life.


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