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Quotations that Political

Aldems' Political Quotations - Apt and Otherwise. A collection of thoughts about political people in their own words.

Authors of the United States Constitution, on the Militia and Guns - The words of the men who wrote the Constitution, on guns, the militia, and exactly what they did mean by the Bill of Rights and how to interpret the Constitution.

Celestial Haven - A long list of insightful quotations and links to various authors, political figures and activists, etc.

Censorship and Book Burning - Some mordant, poignant quotes about censorship and book burning from such diverse thinkers as John Milton, Winston Churchill, Heinrich Heine, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Salman Rushdie.

Feminazi Quotes - These are quotes by people who give a bad name to feminism.

Feminists on Abortion - A compilation of quotes by the greatest Feminists in history, on abortion.

Freedom Quotes - Impressive and Inspiring Collection of Freedom Quotes!

The Full Words of the Sentient Quotelist - A full (though slightly out of date) collection of the quotes known as the Words of the Sentient. From Plutarch to Paglia, Jefferson to Quayle, Pitt the Elder to P.J. O'Rourke.

In Their Own Words - As you read these quotes, you'll be amazed to discover that the so-called animal rights philosophy isn't so much pro-animal as it is anti-human.

Out of Their Own Mouths: Selected Quotations on the Significance of Goals 2000 - Learn more about Goals 2000 by reading the words of its own supporters.

Random Libman Quotes - A different freedom-advocating quote each time you reload the page.

Tax Cuts Now - Quotes and commentary in favor of enacting federal tax cuts

The Words of the Gun Control Activists - The words of various gun control advocates, on whether they want to ban guns, and on their overall goals.

World Socialist Movement - Quotes from Socialists - Socialists are accused of the most despicable aims and motives, which have nothing to do with our real aims and motives. These quotes are intended to set the record straight.