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Quotations Wisdom

Collected Thoughts - Collected Thoughts: a showcase of great ideas from thinkers of our past, and a forum for the free discussion of those ideas.

Collected Wisdom and Lore - Collected Wisdom and Lore in English and German.

Famous Proverbs - A collection of proverbs with their country of origin listed.

Instant Wisdom - Collection of proverbs, notable quotes and interesting thoughts - PhilosophyQuotes is a free daily ezine featuring quotations from 3000 years of great thinkers. Each issue contains 3-5 quotes selected from the history of Western and Eastern philosophy, as well as links to additional information on the Web.

Rein's Ruminations - A collection of original aphorisms by Rein Nomm.

Royal Words of Wisdom - The Queen's favorite quotations and a selection of quotations from around the world by both known and unknown authors.

The Spirit of Gardening - Over 2,000 quotes for lovers of the Green Way.

Thoughts Online @ - The objective of Thoughts Online is to capture thoughts and share them with thinkers everywhere. Thoughts may be ideas, philosophy, ideals, experience, knowledge and much more.

Wisdom Quotes - Quotations for a variety of occasions: shed light, help keep perspective, inspire, energize, or just make me think. Sorted by topic.