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Racism in UK

Apartheid - UK style: The case of Mal Hussein - Mal and his wife Linda have been more the victim of more than 2,000 racist attacks, spanning over 8 years.

Blink - The Black Information Link campaigns for greater equality in Britain.

Campaign Against Racism and Fascism - Based on bimonthly magazine.

Centre for Education for Racial Equality in Scotland - CERES - To liaise with education authorities about the formulation, development and refinement of policy for multicultural and anti-racist education.

Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations - A site from the Warwick University research institute.

Commission for Racial Equality - Information about racial discrimination, ethnic diversity, race relations and UK law.

Institute of Race Relations - The award winning site of this London-based organisation.

Keep the nazis out of Dover! Asylum seekers welcome here - In the autumn of 1997 several hundred Roma (gypsies) fled persecution in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, arriving in the United Kingdom at the port of Dover in Kent. The British newspapers labelled the Roma as economic migrants and described their claims for asylum as bogus.

Sheffield Racial Equality Council - An independent voluntary organisation, funded by the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) and Sheffield City Council to promote racial equality and good race relations in Sheffield.