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Firstfruits Bibles & Gifts/ Fortune 5000

Free Thoughts For You

Merchants of the Mystic Arts

Organ Music of Older Hymns !!!

Gods Everlasting Promise

dovidians /nka branch davidians

Heart-Life Ministries

The Truth Tree

End Time Ministries

Devotions Religious JewelryThe Universal Life Church

The Hindu UniverseA site packed with information for the world's 700 million Hindus or those who simply wish to learn more.

NightkitchenInfo on the ancient origins and celebration of the Winter Solsticeand

Innernet Magazinewith a collection of Jewish writings on thought,philosophy and general trivia.

Islamic GatewayCollating of news and views from various muslim publications and periodicals

The Jesus ArmyPresumably a modern revivalist religious movement has to use tabloid tactics if it is to compete in post-moral prurient times.

Vodoun Information Pages

Prayers HeavenboundFatima is a town approximately 70 miles north of Lisbon, Portugal, where, in 1917, three little girls witnessed apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Today thousands of people still pilgrimage to where the miracle took place

Foundation for International Spiritual UnfoldmentDedicated to promoting and propagating the teachings of Gururaj Ananda Yogi under the spiritual guidance of Rajesh Ananda

Hare Krishna Home PageInformation on all aspects of Krishna consciousness and where to go if you want to know more.

Zen@Sunsite'The great path has no gates, thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through this gateless gate, he walks freely between heaven and earth.

Teen Ranch ScotlandWitness the Teen Ranch phenomenon, a non-denominational Christian sports camps worldwide.

Celebrity AtheistQ: What do Camille Paglia, Marlon Brando and Arthur C Clarke all have in common? A: They have all stated in public that they don't believe in God.

CultsA-Z of cults with reasons to join and reasons not to join

Beauty For AshesCalling itself 'the soul of the cyberspace', Beauty For Ashes espouses a bizarre kind of Christianity/pantheism developed through art. Postcards and poetry use Goth imagery

Scientology Fact FileHere's a trove of dirt on the Church of Scientology's covert operations and Internet meddlings, presented as a press resource.

Hell - The Online Guide According to this site, Satanism is a bona fide religion whose followers do not worship the devil, but follow their Darwinian urges to disinherit the meek of their earth.

Network for Jewish YouthThis network links up to the offices of the All Jewish Youth organisation in order to provide Jewish and Israeli educational resources.

Anglicans OnlineThe Anglican Church of Canada

Catholic ResourcesScripture, liturgy, early writings, Vatican documents, papal encyclicals, pronouncements, books, links and other resources of interest to Catholics.

The Bible GatewayThis gateway lets you search the Bible as a database by textual references or by passage. You can also use it to turn scripture references into hyperlinks in your own documents by referrring to the gateway in your HTML code.

The Bhagvad GitaHere you can view PostScript Sanskrit pages of the Bhagvad Gita, the most sacred of vedic literature.

About WitchcraftDefinitions, basic philosophy, FAQs, general practices, holidays and other information from the Covenant of the Goddess

Religious and Multifaith SitesThis page points to many religious pages, Gophers, resources and FAQs. These also include many pagan, magical and occult sources.

The Archimedes Foundation - The Central Purpose of The Archimedes Foundation is to promote the eternist's creative, intellectual and spiritual enjoyments.

Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences - Promoting the creative mutual interaction between contemporary theology and the natural sciences.

Chicago Center for Religion and Science - Providing dialogue between scientists, theologians, and other scholars on issues pertaining to how traditional concerns and beliefs of religion can be related to scientific understandings.

Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (AAAS) - Promotes knowledge about developments in science and technology within the religious community, and provides opportunities for dialogue between the scientific and religious communities on ethical and religious implications of scientific developments.

The End of The World Book - A Handbook for the Practical Idealist - Book that mixes humor with cultural research and scientific facts and sheds spiritual light onto the perceived darkness of the end times.

Institute of Religion, Texas Medical Center - An ecumenical training institute, working to bring a spiritual presence to health care delivery.

Meta Listserver on Science and Religion - Moderated discussion list and newsletter dedicated to promoting the constructive engagement of science and religion.

Quantum Transformation - The quantum paradigm teaches that reality is entirely subjective, the perceived distance is constructed by the very act of observation, and thus, that the entire universe is a projection of the mind, and is maintained by our continuing observation of it.

Religion and Development - An examination of the role of religion in in the context of development in low-income countries. Published by the Canadian International Development Agency.

Science & Religion Campfire Forum - Web forum about science and religion.

Spiritual Technology, Spirituality and Cyberspace - A research and teaching entity geared toward exploring the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of emerging telecommunications and information technology.

Tapestry - The Institute for Philosophy, Religion, and the Life Sciences - Nonprofit institute that facilitates, promotes, and carries out collaborative research and scholarship.

Theology and Science - Addressing the present and future direction of theology and science.