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Researching on the Web and the Internet

Search Engines (Yahoo, Alta Vista, Infoseek, Maqellan, Lycos), an online dictionary, and more

HOT PURSUIT a search engine list

Add you URL to over 100 place FREE!

My Link

Streamline International


100 Superlinks. Free for all spanish links.

AwardSearch. The awards directory.

Search Engines >

1000+ Link Page

Professional Office Free 4 all\add your linkACE Homework Helpers just E-Mail the folks at ACE for help with your homework.

All-In-One Search Page collection of Internet search tools

Acqweb's directory of Publishers and related links.

ArchiePlex locate files and directories on anonymous FTP servers anywhere on the Internet.

Have a reference question? then Ask A Librarian at Indiana University's Franklin D. Schurz Library

Have a reference question? then Ask A Librarian at Internet Public Library Reference Center

Have a reference question? then Ask A Librarian at Queen Elizabeth II Library

Ask The Experts! Ask dozens of experts, in subjects from the Amish to Zoology.

CMC A directory of information about the internet.

An index to World Wide Web and other Internet resources for children and teenagers

Need writing assistance by e-mail then Dakota State University Online Writing Center (OWL)

eDirectoryThe world's search engines, categorized by country.

Event Seeker the calander events database searchable by year and subject.

Mamma The Mother of all search engines.

Nueva Library Research Goal

The Newsletter Library

Open Text Index

MAD Scientist Network

MAD Scientist Library

ask a question

A Reporter's Internet Survival Guide

RES-Links The All-In-One Resource Page

iTools' Research-It! Language, research, library, geographical, financial, shipping and mailing

The Research Paper and the World_Wide Web

The Sense Media Server

The Spider's Apprentice: How To Use Web Search Engines

University of Reading and Writing

The Virtual Medical Center

Where Do I Find

Guide to Lock Picking, by Ted the Tool

Search for an expert

add an expert

American University's Experts Interactive Search reporters, researchers, and assignment editors find American University

FAQ Answers to frequently asked questions on many subjects.

Finding Information Tutorial


Gopher Understanding gopher and learning how to access information on it.

Guide to Searching the Internet

Humanities Online Web Site ist of humanities related E-mail addresses.

Hyper Doc National Library Of Medicine

Info Zone

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Info from libraries from all over the world

INTA Online list of over 4,000 trademarks, who owns them, and how to use a trademark properly.

Internet College Exchange

Internet Sleuth

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database

Literary Resources on the Net