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Ridding Clubs and Organizations

Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) - Represents professional riding school proprietors, and provides a wide ranging examination and testing system. The web site lists riding schools and sample exams.

British Dressage - The governing body for dressage in the UK.

British Equestrian Federation - The governing body for the Olympic equestrian sports in the UK, affiliated to the FEI.

British Horse Driving Trials Association - An equestrian sport/discipline where you can compete on an equal footing from 14 -70 +, male and female alike, with ponies and horses.

British Horse Society - Promoting equestrian activities in the UK; offering professional qualifications.

British Horse Trials Association - The official site for horse trials in the UK and links to individual event sites.

British Show Jumping Association - News, results, events and riders' rankings.

The Icelandic Horse Society of Great Britain - Founded in 1986 to maintain the purity of the unique Icelandic horse, to promote interest in the breed and to encourage Icelandic riding competitions.

National Trainers Federation (NTF) - Directory of over 90% of licensed UK race horse trainers listed by name and by county with reference information and on-line resources.

Northern Ireland Horse Board Co-operative - A non profit making co-operative for horse breeders and owners in Northern Ireland

The Pony Club - The official site of the Pony Club in the UK. Lots of information for pony-mad kids.

Side Saddle Association - The largest association of side-saddle riders in the world.

American Horse Shows Association - The regulatory organization for US equestrian sports - and its rules.

American Miniature Horse Association - Contains information about the breed and all aspects of owning, showing, breeding, buying, and training a Miniature Horse.

American Morgan Horse Association - Includes membership information, the Morgan Horse magazine, and an online store.

American Paint Horse Association - Recording pedigrees and promoting the breeding, showing, racing and general enjoyment of Paints.

American Shire Horse Association - The official site including membership information; message boards; breed information - history, photos, breed standard; lists of trainers and breeders; event calendars.

American Trakehner Association - Contains breed & Association info, approved stallions, sales horses, performance results, and publications.

American Vaulting Association - The official site for the sport of gymnastics on horseback, containing a multitude of information.

Appaloosa Sport Horse Association - This organization encourages the use of European Warmbloods along with some of the best foundation Appaloosa performance lines to produce outstanding athletes for the Olympic disciplines. Site includes awards, recognitions, and quarterly publications.

Azteca Horse Owners Association - Organization dedicated to educating riders about the Azteca breed; site includes a breed history, breeders list, and membership information.

Barrel Futurities of America - Dedicated to organizing contestants and sponsors to promote the sport of Barrel Racing.

Belgian Warmblood Breeding Association - Promoting Belgian Warmbloods throughout North America. Includes photos and information on approved stallions, performance results, horses for sale, membership and keuring information.

Foundation Quarter Horse Registry - Committed to preserving and protecting the bloodline of the Foundation Quarter Horse

Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association - The purpose of the IHSA is to promote competition for riders of any skill level regardless of financial status.

International Foxtrotting Horse Breed Trainers Association - Foxtrotter Trainers working together for the future of the fox trotting horse, promoting high point shows, and publishing The Trainers Voice.

Irish Draught Horse Society of North America - Official homepage of IDHS(NA).

National Foundation Quarter Horse Association - Preserving and promoting the versatile Foundation Quarter Horse. Site includes breed and membership information.

National Horseman's Benevolent and Protective Association - Provides a national voice for horsemen on matters of national policy and of national interest, assists individual affiliates with particular problems and promotes the preservation and enhancement of live racing in North America.

National Reined Cow Horse Association - Official website including articles, trial patterns, standings, and calendars.

National Reining Horse Association - Reining is a fast growing equestrian sport and now a USET event.

National Saddle Registry - Organized to help prevent the theft of, and aid the recovery of, stolen saddles.

Percheron Horse Association of America - Offering association information, and Percheron photos and sales directory.

Pinto Horse Association of America - Includes breed history, registration and membership information, latest association news, and more.

Sport Horse Owners & Breeders Association - Includes news, leader boards, directories, and association information.

United States Dressage Federation - Promoting and encouraging a high standard of accomplishment in dressage throughout the United States, primarily through educational programs.

The United States Equestrian Team Online - The nonprofit organization responsible for selecting, training, funding and equipping equestrian athletes that officially represent the United States in Olympic, Pan American and other international competitions in dressage, three-day eventing and show jumping.

United States Trotting Association - Includes statistics, links, and association information.

Western Morgan Horse Breeders Association - Breeders dedicated to raising and promoting strong performance horses with good conformation and wonderful disposition.

Western Working Family Morgan Club - The 2WF is devoted to promoting Morgans of the western working bloodlines

Australian Endurance Riders Association - Promoting and regulating competitive endurance riding in Australia.

Australian Jockey Club - Everything to do with racing in Australia - races, horses, jockeys and links to other racing sites.

Australian Polo - This popular equestrian sport has a considerable following in Australia and this site provides information and contacts for anyone interested in the game.

Cyberhorse Australia - A comprehensive Australian Internet site devoted to horses and where to find horse related material on the Internet.

Equestrian Federation of Australia - The governing body of equestrian sport in Australia.

Polocrosse Association of Australia - Promoting and organising the sport of polocrosse in Australia.

Pony Club Association of Victoria - Find out all about pony club in Australia lots of games, competitions and information.

Pony Club Association of Victoria - North-East Zone - A comprehensive site with links to all the North-East Victorian clubs.

Thoroughbred Breeders of New South Wales (Australia) - Aims to promote, advance, encourage and co-ordinate the thoroughbred breeding industry, particularly in New South Wales.

Waler Horse Society of Australia - Information on the Waler breeds and what the Society is doing to preserve and promote this truly Australian horse breed.

British Columbia Reining Association - A reining association that encourages appreciation of the reining horse and promotes the sport of reining in British Columbia.

CADORA Inc - A National, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development of Dressage in Canada.

Canadian Equestrian Federation - The CEF is recognized by the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) and the Canadian Olympic Association as the governing body for equestrian sport in Canada.

Canadian Fjord Horse Association - In Canada, the Fjord horse is growing in popularity with more than 1500 registered horses.

Canadian Haflinger Association - The official registry of Haflinger horses in Canada. Information, news, classifieds, and images of this versatile horse.

Canadian Long Distance Riding Association - News and information about the sport of long distance horseback riding in Canada and internationally. CaLDRA supports the disciplines of competitive trail riding, endurance riding, and ride 'n' tie.

Canadian Pony Club - An organization run by volunteers for young people up to 21 years of age who are interested in riding, learning about, and/or caring for horses or ponies.

Canadian Purebred Morab Association - Registry and Association for the Morab Horse, Breeders and Promoters with membership, publication, events and support.

Club Equestre Les Forestiers - Their mission is to provide an enjoyable, safe and natural network of riding trails to the equestrian community in the area and to promote good horsemanship, friendship, and to encourage equestrian sports. St.Lazare, Quebec, Canada.

Horse Trials, Canada - This site includes the regional associations running horse trials in Canada.

Maritime Quarter Horse Youth Association - Now affiliated with the AQHA and AQHYA, we are an association built to join kids and horses in competition and recreation. New members always welcome

Reining Canada - Dedicated to the promotion of the reining horse in Canada, and affiliated with the Canadian Equestrian Federation.

Standardbred Canada - The official registry and record keeping body for the Standardbred Industry in Canada.

Toronto Cadora Online - Devoted to the promotion of dressage in Toronto area. Lists show schedules, clinics and other use information.