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Riding Show Jumping

British Show Jumping Association - The governing body for showjumping in the UK. Riders' rankings, results, events.

CHIO Rotterdam - A large show jumping and dressage event held in the Netherlands.

Cyberhorse Show Jumping - Comprehensive links and results for Australian show jumping, plus discussion forums..

from the tower at winter equestrian festival - Kenneth Kraus - one of the nation's top show jumping announcers - gives a unique perspective of show jumping,from the inside.

The Hampton Classic Horse Show - With 1,500 horses exhibiting and 40,000 spectators, this is the largest hunter/jumper show in the United States.

JumpSmart - News and Commentary on the sport of Show Jumping in North America.

Mandy's Arena-A Showjumping Zone - Very complete site about showjumping in general. Includes information on international riders and horses, world rider rankings and news.

Olympia Show Jumping Championships - Top class international show jumping in this annual English championship.

Scottish Showjumping - Information, advice, and listings relating to Scottish Showjumping.

Spruce Meadows - The official web site, including history, horse program, and tournament information.

Traxdata Team - News and results from the Traxdata showjumping team.

USET Online - Show Jumping - The nonprofit organization responsible for selecting, training, funding and equipping those equestrian athletes that officially represent the United States in Olympic, Pan American and other international competitions in dressage, three-day eventing and show jumping.