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Body Temperature Management MicroClimate Systems, a company specializing in personal body temperature management, now has their Web site fully operational. Visitors to the site will find useful information on heat stress, how the body cools itself, and the full line of MicroClimate products. Also included are numerous links to related sites and a weekly contest where participants can win MicroClimate products. The company serves two main markets: medical cooling for multiple sclerosis and sports injuries, and industrial cooling for persons who work in confined spaces, heavy protective garments, or high ambient temperatures.

Catherine W. Britell, M.D. Info on MS, SCI and other neuromuscular diseases.

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS CHARITY JAVA BILLBOARDA fundraising Billboard giving 100 o MS Research and offering related Links to MS Sites and Sponsors including this site. Requires Netscape 2.0

Multiple Sclerosis Effort

The Myelin Project The Myelin Project, a non-profit organization, works to accelerate research on repairing theb myelin of the central nervous system.