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Scotland Page

About Scotland Information about where to stay and what to do in Scotland

Ancient Ways Features many treasures from Orkney.

Castles and Historic Houses List of of castles in the North-East Scotland.

The Chatelaine's Scottish Castles List of castles in Scotland

City of Glasgow Glasgows entertainment and festivals, museums, castles, and the gardens.

Clan Douglas Information on the Clan Douglas and photos of landmarks.

Cromarty Cromarty is the Highland's best preserved historic town and it's first webtown.

Daily Record and Sunday Mail The Daily Record and Sunday Mail

West Highland Explorer Information on history, geology, climate, population, vegetation, wildlife, forestry, tourism of the West Highland area of Scotland.

Edinburgh Edinburgh is considered the jewel in Scotland's crown.

Electric Scotland Information on Scotland's past, present and future

Friends of the Earth in Scotland Friends of the Earth in Scotland

Highland Connection Informative,what's to be seen in Scotland

History of the Scottish Kilt The kilt has long been the most recognizable cultural tradition of the Highland Scots.

The Hunterian Museum The Hunterian is the oldest public museum in Scotland.

The Internet Guide to Scotland Information about the West of Scotland and the Inner Hebrides

Loch Ness Monster Sightings of the Loch Ness Monster go back at least as far as the 6th century

Scotland History, attractions, activities and travelers' reports on Scotland.

Museum of Scotland Museum of Scotland

National Library of Scotland Historical background and translation of the last letter of Mary, Queen of Scots.

National Museums of Scotland National Museums of Scotland I spent long hot summers here

Nessie on the Net in ScotlandEverything Nessie at this site

The Royal Botanic Garden EdinburghThe Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh where I spent many happy hours of my life

Scapa Flow A sheltered open lagoon, encircled by the Orkney island and houses some of the most interesting wrecks in the world.

Scotland Although the English armies were expelled from Scottish soil by 1319, they continued to mount attacks in Scotland for years to come. The Pope had not originally accepted Scottish independence - thus this Declaration was drawn up in Arbroath Abbey urging the Pope to see things from a Scottish perspective and not take the English clan on Scotland seriously. The words of the Declaration are reproduced and can be accessed through a link at this site.

Scotland Famous people Alexander Graham Bell , Sean Connery , Sir Arthur Conan Doyle , and Robert Burns, Many members of the S.A.S. come from Scotland as I do my self

Scotland A Gateway to the country of Scotland

Scotland Important dates and description of what happened.

Scotrail Britain's first train operator to use the internet.

Scottish Conservative & Unionist PartyScottish Conservative & Unionist Party

Scottish Highlands and Islands Server Scottish Highlands and Islands Server

Scottish Highlands Explorer Scottish Highlands Explorer

Scottish History Scotland's Wars of Independence that were fought to prevent outsiders from coming in to rule them.

Scottish HistoryA Timeline that explanation the events at different periods of Scotland

Scottish Liberal Democrats Home Page Scottish Liberal Democrats Home Page

Scottish Links Scottish Links

The Highlander Web Magazine

Scottish Nuclear power Home Page >Scottish Nuclear power Home Page

SEPA Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), whose task is to protect the land, air, water

Campbell Castles The strongest Clans in the Western Highlands of Scotland,

Scotland >A guide to sporting facilities and leisure activities for the tourist in the north of Scotland

Tour the Deep Online guide to Deep-Sea World

A Virtual Tour of Orkney Orknet's on-line guide to Orkney

Welcome to Mull and Iona The Isle of Mull and the neighboring island of Iona

Welcome to Scotland This is the official Scottish Tourist Board

Where is Shetland A short tour of the Shetland Islands

Wigtown Web Index Wigtown Web Index