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Scotland's Government

Accounts Commission for Scotland - Accounts Commission arranges independent external audit of all health service and local government bodies. Site includes job vacancies with the commission.

COSLA - Covention of Scottish Local Authorities

EUROPARL - Web server of the European Parliament - Scotland and the European union,

General Registers Office for Scotland - Births Marriages & Deaths Records for Scotland.

Governmental Departments and Organisations - Governmental Departments and Organisations

Historic Scotland - The agency which schedules monuments of national importance and lists particular historic buildings. Site provides information on many of Scotland's historic buildings.

Links to Government Servers and Information - Scotland, UK, the World, a site full of links to Government websites around the World.

Mo Dhachaidh - Air's Wee Scottish Page - Scottish politics and society, full Scottish elections results, the Scottish parliament and the Scottish National Party, Scottish related clipart, history and culture

NADICS - National Driver Information and Control System - NADICS provides a co-ordinated traffic management service for Scotland's strategic road network. The site give live traffic conditions and planned roadworks.

Review of Services for People with a Learning Disability - The Scottish Office website for the national review of services for people with a learning disability. It provides details on the work in progress, events and also how to get your views known.

Rural Scotland - Shaping Partnerships, the White Paper on Rural Scotland.

ScotTalk Mailing List - Forum for discussion of Scottish political issues.

Scottish Affairs - Scottish Affairs is the definitive forum for comment and debate on all matters concerning Scottish current affairs. It was founded in 1992 as the successor to the Scottish Government Yearbook (published between 1977 and 1992), and is published in book form every quarter. Its editor is Professor Lindsay Paterson of Heriot-Watt University and our rapidly growing readership now extends worldwide.

The Scottish Court Service - Website providing information on court locations with a searchable base of court opinions.

Scottish Elections - The Scottish Parliamentry Election Website

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) - Contains information and data on Scotland's environment, pollution prevention, regulation and other environmental initiatives.

Scottish Freedom - Discussion of Scottish politics, elections and culture.

The Scottish Office - Official site.

The Scottish Office Devolution Website - Up to date information on the devolution process.

Scottish Parliament - Independent News and Information, another site covering news and events from the new Scottish Parliament.

Scottish Parliament Website - The Scottish Parliament official website, from who are the MP's, to the buildings themselves. There is even a calendar of Parliamentary events in the what's on area.

Scottish Trade International - The Scottish government export promotion agency, charged with assisting Scottish companies to export worldwide. Site details the support offered and provdes information on the Russian Market Access Programme.

Tagish's Essential Directory of UK Information Sources - Tagish's Essential Directory, comprehensive and up-to-date directories of UK Government Contact Information on the Web

Alex Falconer MEP - Homepage of Member of European Parliament for Mid Scotland & Fife (and also the site of Scottish Labour left periodical, The Citizen)

Cathy Peattie MSP (Labour and Co-operative Party, Falkirk East) - Cathy Peattie, Labour and Cooperative Member of the Scottish Parliament for Falkirk East, member Education, Culture and Sport, & Rural Affairs committees

Free Scotland! - Scottish independence from a contemporary and historical viewpoint.

1999 Scottish and Welsh Assembly elections - News and links relating to current politics

Scottish Conservative Party

Scottish Green Party - Allied to Greens all around the world and committed to ecological wisdom and social justice.

Scottish independence Web server - Marking Scotlands move towards independence and Westminsters attempts to stop or subvert these moves.

Scottish Labour Party - The Scottish Labour Party does have a separate web presence but it is rarely updated.

Scottish Liberal Democrats - The Scottish arm of the UK Liberal Democrats, a mainstream, libertarian party.

Scottish National Party - A moderate, mainstream party supporting Scottish Independence within the European Union.

Scottish Parliament - Independent News and Information

The Scottish Parliament - The Scottish Parliament. Weekly review which aims to bring the Bible into Scottish politics.

Scottish Parliamentary Procession - Time Limited Edition Print - A Descriptive Engraving of the Procession to the State Opening of the Scottish Parliament at Edinburgh Immediately Prior to its Abolition by the Act of Union of 1707

Scottish Politics - Scottish Political database. The site that caused a cyberwar between Labour and the Scottish National Party. 'New Jacobite Iain Old provides the premier insight on Scottish Politics with a touch of nationalism' The Scotsman newspaper.

Scottish Republican Socialist Party - A brief history of Scottish, Scottish political and cultural information and links, and Scottish independence movements.

The Scottish Socialist Party - The party which has newly found fame through it's newly elected MSP - Tommy Sheridan.