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Support Groups Fat Acceptance  

About Fat Acceptance - The fat acceptance movement seeks to dispel myths and promote facts about fatness, and fights unfair discrimination on the basis of size or weight.

Adios, Barbie - A body image site for every body! Multicultural women of all ages discuss body acceptance, identity, media, self-esteem, and activism. - An empowering world for plus-size women, offering community, shopping, inspirational content, and expert advice on fashion, beauty, health, and living. and FAQs

BBW and Weight Issues Page - A BBW is a Big Beautiful Woman. The term was coined back in the 1970's with the release of the first issue of BBW Magazine and has been around ever since.

BBW Friendly - The free site for BBW's (Big Beautiful Women), BHM's (Big Handsome Men and their Admirers. Offering free personals, free chat, free email and a lot of other freebies.

Belly Builders - A place for guys with huge beer guts to hang out, loads of pictures, stories, message and chat rooms too.

Big Folks Health FAQ - From the newsgroups and

Eating Addictions Anonymous - EAA is a fellowship of men and women finding freedom from over and undereating, bulimia and self hate. We use the 12 steps of AA and believe that we're addicts, but that our problem isn't food, but our inner wiring.

Fat Acceptance FAQs

Grand Style Women's Club - Grand Style Women's Club on plus-size accessories and clothes; style, fitness, self-esteem, travel, plus-size maternity info. Discount books. Frequently asked questions and resource listings from size-acceptance groups.

Jewelry for Big Folks - A largely positive page because self esteem comes in all sizes.

Large Size Community for Plus Size Women - RealSize will explore new and exciting trends to enhance our lifestyles. RealSize will share ideas and information on fashion, beauty, fitness, and health. Featuring our clothing collection.

Largesse, the Network for Size Esteem - An internationally-recognized resource center and clearinghouse for size diversity empowerment founded in 1983.

LargeWorld - Living the Big and Tall lifestyle to the fullest.

Living Large and In Color - Deals with full figured Ebony men and women and their admirers. Chat, advice & personals.

Lloyd's House - Trying to make it a fun place for all.

A Look at Classical Beauty - Please, ladies, I want you to know how beautiful you are. Don't ever forget that, and don't settle for anything less than you deserve. Go for the Gold!

May 6, International No Diet Day (INDD)

Mediconsult Obesity Support Group - Provides information and support groups, bulletin boards, and more.

Meeting Friends - Just a personal site about me.

National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance - NAAFA is a non-profit human rights organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for fat people. NAAFA has been working since 1969 to eliminate discrimination based on body size and provide fat people with the tools for self-empowerment through public education, advocacy, and member support.

The National Plus USA Woman Pageant and Convention - The Plus USA Woman Pageant and Convention was a weekend of empowerment for plus size females. With 60% of American women size 14 or above, the event broadened the definition of beauty while giving a voice to the majority of women often left out of main-stream fashion and beauty events.

NYC fat chick - Articles, links and resources for fat chicks who are proud of it.

Paper Doll Book - Non-traditional paper doll with -real- woman image created by handmade paper / fiber artist Leandra Spangler of Bear Creek Paperworks.

Rump Parliament Home Page - Working To Change The Way Society Treats Fat People.

The Voluptuous Woman Company Home Page - The Voluptuous Woman Company was founded for the full-figured woman that society has forgotten. Club also has a newsletter.

Weregeld - Worth Your Weight in Gold - Griselda's personal page with links for big folks.

You Have Such a Pretty Face, If Only... - This site deals with the various issues of being a larger woman in today's society (particularly having to hear the above phrase followed by "if you'd only lose a few pounds" over and over again!).