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Technical Writing Resources Freelance Writers Page - Links to information and articles on technical writing and to other web sites for writers.

Acoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climate(ATOC) - Climate research and marine mammal research information with links to publications and articles.

African Research Central - Clearinghouse for sources on African primary sources.

Air & Waste Water - Access to technical information and databases. Air & Waste Water Association site.

Air Dispersion Software - Modeling software and training

American Association for the Advancement of Science - Membership, meetings, news and information, online science, education, and H.R. programs.

American Medical Writers Association - AMWA Home page with a wealth of information including publications as well as links to other medical and scientific information, workshops, and conferences.

American Research Center – Egypt - Professional society of specialists on Egypt with publications and resources on all periods. Consortium of universities and museums supporting archaeological and academic research in Egypt.

Assn. Of Teachers of Technical Writing - The site of the ATTW with tutorial support for university courses.

Berkeley Digital Library - SunSITE - Listing over 3000 pages from libraries in over 90 countries, including academic, public and national libraries world wide.

Biological/Technical Library - Lists and links to English & Spanish environmental, academic, medical, digital libraries and e-databases and much more.

Bowling Green State Univ Libraries Research Aids - Links to sources in Arts and Literature, business, education, politics/government and sciences. Also approximately 30 “other” categories from American history to world history.

Business & Management Research - City Univ. of Hong Kong management research news.

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal - Links, reviews, and information on the investigation of the paranormal.

Communications Technical - The Editorial Eye is an on-line version of the monthly newsletter as a resource for technical writer, editors and designers.

Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication - Site of the CPTSC with news, newsletters, information on conferences and forums.

Data Repository Test - U.S. Dept. of Energy - Data on spill research, bibliography & mailing lists

Database Management - Interactive graphics web creation and other technology solutions

Education Research Information Center - A data base of information including documents and journals from 1966 to date providing information for teachers, Liberians, counselors and researchers – a clearing house of information and technology.

Educational Resources Index - Links to resources for educators, students and writers arranged in subjects (32+ categories) from Arts to Women including government and politics, legal, medical, NASA and Space, Science and weather/climate.

e-Educause Teaching-Research - Educom, non-profit consortium of higher education institutions for introduction, use, access and management of information for teaching and research.

The Electric Library - A member only source for research information not readily available elsewhere. Reportedly "easy to use powerful" research tools. Established 1995 (free 30=day access).

Electronic Journal - Serving teachers, researchers and others in technical, professional and business writing.

Electronic Journal Collection - Extensive listing and links to electronic journals maintained by the Universities in the Big 10 conference and the University of Chicago covering a wide area of research needs.

Electronic Text Collective (ETC) - Formed to research and explore emerging e-textualities such as e-mail, listservers, hypertext, MOO’s, etc., change use of English, composition and other disciplines.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian - Links to information and museum sites and data of the Smithsonian Institute.

Environmental History - List and links to societies, associations, centers and organizations on environmental issues. Also links to journals and other resources including WWW virtual libraries.

EPA/s Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office - An extensive amount of information on chemicals, chemical emergency spill preporation, prevention, and links to laws, regulations, databases, and to counter terrorism preparedness.

FoE Middle East - Links to Middle East environmental sites and organizations including Egyptian, Israeli, Jordanian, Palestinian and others.

Galileo: Georgia Library of Learning On Line - Links to Internet resources and library catalogs of the Univ. of Georgia, private academic, public and other libraries.

Geographic & Mapping Technology - Sources for mapping and GIS application and research.

Geographical Research & Information - GIS mapping and research sources

Green City Network – Writers - Links to writers resources, tools, tips, including sources for screenwrights and playwrights, laws on copyright and more.

Grumman RAC List - List of publications, guidelines, and manuals giving the reference access code. References for authors of aviation/transportation articles.

Human Environment - The international environmental policy newsletter on treaties, climate changes, clean water, energy, pollution and global warming along with other environmental issues.

Hyperviews: On Line - Newsletter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) - articles, information, links.

Indiana University - Style guides for better science research, writing and presentations.

International Journal of Environmental Forensics - Journal of environmental and chemical related subjects.

Internet Database Services - IDS is a subscription service providing links to databases published by Cambridge Scientific Abstracts and other publishing partners. Subjects cover medical, biological, environmental and aquatic sciences.

The Internet Public Library - Large file of reference source links to standard general reference aids; disciplines; realms of commerce & industry; medical sciences; political science; natural and physical science; and social sciences.

The Internet Public Library #2 - Reference sources and links to a large number of sciences and a section on learning to research.

Java Resources Forum - Forums for those working Java with links to books, jobs and other information.

Java Servlets - A technical discussion with examples, definitions, tips and tricks for writing Java servlets.

The Journal of Forth Application & Research - Forth – an integrated software development environment – programming language. Links to information and back issues of the journal for authors including index of articles.

‘Lectric Law Library - Database and explanation of law related words, phrases and terms; legal topics; links to other legal information.

The Library of Congress - Catalog of research information and information on using the Library and research services. Links to Copyright office, exhibitions, help and FAQs.

Links for Writers - Writers manuals from Christian to medical; from law to philosophy and business; writers groups, guilds associations and councils.

Living Encyclopedia in Cyberspace - Encyberpedia has information and links to most of the encyclopedias, and a large number of reference materials and research centers.

Medical & Emergency Response - Site for the Centers for Disease Control with information and links to medical, emergency response, hazardous material, and incidents, and other research materials.

Medword - A source for links to online dictionaries, glossaries, thesauri, lists and books for the medical field.

Michigan Electronic Library - Links to magazines, periodicals and databases in Michigan.

Milwaukee Public Library - Information and links on a large number of subjects and research areas. Includes Great Lakes marine collection.

Multilingual Glossary - Technical and popular medical terms in nine European Languages

NASA Publications & Media - NAS news and documents, including software downloads, technical reports, summaries, and data set archives.

National Audubon Society - Links to many areas of concerns on environment and the effects on wild life. State watch lists, species, profiles, surveys, news and books.

National Institute of Standards & Technology - Links, information & publications in working with industry for development & application of technology, measurements and standards.

National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (NPACI) - Information and links to a wide range of resources including online newsletter and magazine with articles on scientific research.

Natural and Accrelerated Bioremediation Research - Information and links to research for use of natural processes to reduce environmental contamination.

Nature - International weekly journal of science. News and information in the field of science.

New York City Library - Large volume electronic resources, catalogs, collections and research libraries.

NSERC - Their roll is the promotion of discovery and innovation for the benefit of Canadians. The site lists, and links to a large number of sources including the Canadian Governments main site with links to various areas such as space agency, environmental, health, medical research, forestry service, etc.; Centres of Excellence -–Research from education to medical networks; and other foundations and research sites.

Oberon-related Bibliography and Research Links - Links to online papers, publications and research projects including language and systems.

Oceanic and Atmospheric Research - The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's site on emergency response, planning and information. Includes links to photos of the Exxon Valdez 1989 oil spill, and other research information.

On Line Resources in Rhetoric - . On line writing aids and resources Dept. of Rhetoric, Univ. of Minnesota

On Line Technical Writing Course - Index page to online technical-communication courses taught by David A. McMurrey, Austin Community College, Austin, Texas. Links to chapters of course(s).

Online Writing Lab - Purdue Univ online writing lab with lists and links to resources for writers and teachers.

Periodicals and Books - Suppliers of periodicals, books, journals, and multimedia sources for research in scientific, technical, medical and other areas.

Petroleum Marketers Assn. Of America - Industry links and resources, government affairs and member information.

Philadelphia Metro Chapter STC - Links to articles, software and book reviews.

Police Writers Club - Provides writers of both fiction and nonfiction with knowledge, resources and information through shared networking on police methods and sources.

Pollution Prevention Research Central Plains - Access to technical information, research and library resources, EPA funded. Region 7, Central Plains States.

Pollution Prevention Research Islands - Access to technical information, research and library resources, EPA funded. Island Regions - Island States and Territories.

Pollution Prevention Research N. Central Mountain - Access to technical information, research and library resources, EPA funded. Region 8, No. Central Mountain States.

Pollution Prevention Research Northwest - Access to technical information, research and library resources, EPA funded. Region 10, Northwestern States

Pollution Prevention Research SE - Access to technical information, research and library sources. Part of 9 EPA funded research centers, Regions III and IV, Southeast US.

Pollution Prevention Research S.W. - Access to technical information, research and library resources, EPA funded. Region 6, Southwest US.

Pollution Prevention Research Western - Access to technical information, research and library resources, EPA funded. Region 9, Western States.

Pre-Publication Service for Technical Writers - Editing services in technical fields along with other services and information.

Princeton Desk Reference - Links to Princeton Univ. Data library, and other reference resources and tools,. Academics, business and finance, computing and the Internet, government, literature and writing, medical and more.

Programmer's Corner - Programmer's Corner is an e-zine with lots of helpful information for technical writers as well as programmers. Exhaustive list of links for various HTML and help authoring packages.

Publisher Scientific and Technological Books - Book catalog, summaries, journals and reading (preview) room.

Publishers’ Catalogues Home Page - List and links to publishers in the United States.

Puget Sound Science Writers Association (PSSWA) - A forum for professional writers including information, articles, links for medical and science writers.

Research Central - A good source of research links covering a wide range of subjects.

Resources For Technical Writers - A listing of resources for Technical Writers, provided by Writers Write, Inc.

Resources for Technical Writing - Internet search engines, mailing lists, professional associations, software and technical support

San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) - Information and links to digital libraries on computational science and engineering by the University of California San Diego.

Sandy’s Writing Resources - A nice site with a large number of links to resources, references and dictionaries; chat rooms, writing markets, newsletters and other information and links..

Science Books - Books on earth and environmental science, biology, physics, chemistry, and technical writing, with links to more

Society for Technical Communication - Links to Chapters, technical information sources, seminars, conferences and publications.

Society of Technical Information - STC provides academic information, sources of books and information, periodicals in the art and science of technical communication.

Solvents Alternatives Guide - A guide to provide pollution prevention information developed at Research Triangle Institute in cooperation with EPA, with links to state information, solvent checklists, alternatives, and advisories.

StudyWeb&Reg Science - Links to 22 subject pages with numerous links each to subjects such as Astronomy to earthsciences and genetics to space and aeronautics. Links to clubs, associations, news, software, institutions and research basically for educators for the instruction of children.

Tech Search International - Technical Search Firm providing employment for technical writers for biotech, computer and pharmaceutical or medical industry.

TechCommunity, Allyn & Bacon - This site, maintained by Allyn & Bacon, a Simon & Shuster division, has loads of great links for tech writers, teachers, and students. A nicely done site.

Technical Communication Lone Writer (STC) - Links and information maintained by a Chapter of the STC dedicated to those writers who are the sole writer for their company or client.

Technical Communication Ontario (STC) - Links and information maintained by the Ontario Chapter of the STC.

Technical Communication (STC) Staff - Links and information maintained by the staff of the STC in Arlington, Virginia

Technical Communicators Resource Site - Created by Duncan Kent & Associates Ltd. as a comprehensive resource for developers of policy and procedure manuals, user guides and online help systems, and web publications.

Technical Editors Eyrie - Site for sharing resources, knowledge and experience. Non-editors welcome.

Technical Educational Research – TERC - Nonprofit research and development for improving math and science learning and teaching. Project information, educational materials, semiannual publication. Working papers, workshops.

Technical Library - Sandia Nat'l Lab Library for engineers and scientists. Some areas may be restricted to public. Links to electronic journals and other information.

Technical Publications - Listing of hundreds of books and publications for the technical writer from "undated" to 1998-99

Technical Reports & Papers - Links to reports and papers on research, technical writing and other related subjects by Univ. of Calif. At Berkeley, with links to other Berkeley research pages.

Technical Writers - Plans, Applications, Proposals - web site of Calif. Dept. of Education providing information on writing about educational plans and programs.

Technical Writers Chapter - Inland Empire Chapter of the STC in So. Calif. Provides information on meetings, jobs, certifications and other chapters.

Technical Writing - University and commercial sites - source books and information.

Technical Writing and Online Development - Information planning services to the IT and telecommunications industries in UK

Technical Writing Bibliography - Lists of technical books and reference sources and Approaches. Also sign-up page for subscription to ListServ a service of Oklahoma State Education.

Technical Writing for Data Space Industries - Mac internet setup procedure. Tech Tips. Configuration.

Technical Writing Services Telcom - Specializing in telecommunications with documentation of software applications

Technical Writing Sources - On line text book and web sources maintained by David McMurrey. Includes links to listings of resources of Purdue, UCLA, and Univ. of Mich

Technical Writing/Training Services - General subjects, automotive, mechanical trades, electrical, electronic.

U.K. Directory Search Engine - Guide to British sites on Internet including links to news and journals.

United States Copyright Office - List and links to information, publications and laws on copyright.

Univ. of Calif. At San Diego Library - Links to other Calif. Universities and full text journals in the Melvyl Library system.

University of Minnesota Library - Links to article indexes, databases and online reference works.

University of Toledo Electronic Journals - Covers arts and humanities to science and technology, to links to domestic and foreign newspapers.

US Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board - Announcements, news and reports on areas related to chemical safety, incident reports, Y2K related HasCom problems, and links to chemical information.

U.S. Navy Research Library - Technical information center with links to electronic publications, material safety data sheets, on line databases, science citation index and writing assistance.

USGS Biological Resources - Links to numerous pages and white papers on wetlands research, hurricane information, fire research, global climate and many more.

Virtual Encyclopedia - Links to numerous links on numerous subjects

Virtual Library of Journalism - Information and links to some 514 sites or areas of journalism including specialized fields. Links to associations, centers, clubs, foundations, guilds, institutes and societies as well as other resources and services and related fields.

Web Directory - A directory with links to environmental organizations, and to a data base of over “160 searchable” newsletters and articles.

Web Resources for Literature and Writing - Site by Portland Community College lists on line links to books and authors, library services, research and resources for writers, and general references.

Webster Techwriters, Inc. - We specialize in the training and placement of Technical Writers.

The Write Tools Page - Links for editors and writers, includes books, book sources, references, tools and software.

Writer's Internet Resource Guide - a comprehensive collection of 500+ links for writers by subscription or free with purchase of special research software.

Writers Message Board - Need answers/information? Writers message board provides technical answers, and a place to post questions or find information.

The Writers’ Page - Writers resources, large volume of links to dictionaries, references, organizations, discussion groups and FAQs. News and information and online publications, also includes bookstores and search sites and women writers and more.

Writer’s Web Resources - Site maintained by the Woodlands Writers’ Guild provides numerous links to writers resources and online groups; agents, editors and publishers; library resources and others.

Your Public Lands - Geospatial information and research. Collections of Bureau of Land Management resources

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