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Teen Pregnancy

Mom, I'm Pregnant - Gentle advice and real examples of teens who successfully told their parents about their unplanned pregnancy. Letters from teens.

Allexperts Teen Pregnancy Q&A - Experienced volunteers answer your questions about pregnancy, the issues you're going through, and your options. Answers kept confidential.

Chastity..... Abstinence .... and Dating!!! - Chastity is very important to dating in this modern age! Chastity is a lifestyle. One Date may be Too Late!!!Chastity means asking God to help you make the right decisions when dating!

Male Involvement Teen Pregnancy Prevention Project - Douglas County (Oregon) is currently working on a pilot program that targets teen males in the area of adolescent pregnancy prevention. The program is a project of the county's Reduce Adolescent Pregnancy Partnership Coalition and it utilizes the developmental asset model as its philosophy. 

Preventing Teen Pregnancy Book for Sale - Book for sale. Asserts that teens and their parents can prevent teen pregnancy. Various approaches described in book.

Teen Moms - Dedicated in supporting and helping young mothers. We have money saving links, a message board, fetus album, and much more!

Teen Moms Chat - A TEEN moms' forum for honest discussions with other teen moms, and moms-to-be, about pregnancy, childbirth, doctors, health and other interesting matters.

Teen Moms Tell about Their Teen Pregnancy - +I went into labor around 12:41am. My grandma timed my contractions. After a while I called my clinic. +I am a 15 year old girl who is pregnant. I had not planned this pregnancy.

Teen Pregnancy & Parenting - Helpful information for TEENS about avoiding drugs during pregnancy, childbirth, homebirths, preparing for breastfeeding, etc.

The Teen Pregnancy & Parenting Place - A place for teen parents and pregnant teens to get advice, support, and to meet others in similar situations.

Teen Pregnancy Haven - A place for expecting teens, and teen parents, to find others in similar situations.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention - Information on promising approaches from Advocates for Youth


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