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UK Evidence Based Medicine

National Institute for Clinical Excellence    - 'Special' Health Authority with the task of systematically appraising health interventions and producing national guidance on effectiveness. Full details of evidence and appraisal process are supplied. Access to the database of the National Centre for Clinical Audit. Full access to Board minutes available. Discussion forum planned.

ARIF - Aggressive Research Intelligence Facility - Interpreting research evidence and critical appraisal. General guidance available. Direct help service available for professionals in the West Midlands.

Bandolier Home Page - Newsletter of evidence-based health care. An excellent resource.

Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine - Official centre for EBM. Based at Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, Oxford. Information, statistics, teaching materials and discussion.

Critical Appraisal Skills Program - Institute of Health Sciences, Oxford. Online guide to the right questions to ask when evaluating evidence about effective health care. Also workshops and distance learning courses.

Development and Evaluation Committee - The DEC provided information about the cost-effectiveness of health care technologies to commissioners of health care in the South West and South East NHS Regions. Over 100 reports available on the site.

Development and Evaluation Service, West Midlands - The DES provides information about the cost-effectiveness of health interventions for purchasers in the West Midlands NHS area. 5 reports available.

Effective Health Care bulletins - A bi-monthly bulletin which examines the effectiveness of a variety of health care interventions. Based on systematic review. Full text available online.

Effectiveness Matters - A bulletin providing updates on the effectiveness of health interventions. Subscribe to the paper version(free) or view the full text published articles online.

Health Evidence Bulletins - Wales - Excellent collection of evidence based information on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a number of common serious health problems.

Netting the Evidence - Guide to resources for evidence based medicine on the Internet. Assembled by Andrew Booth of the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR), University of Sheffield.

NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination - Established to provide the NHS with information on the effectiveness of treatments and the delivery and organisation of health care. Provides systematic reviews on selected topics and a dissemination service.

The Oxford Pain Internet Site - Systematic reviews of pain management. Excellent knowledge base. Evidence based medicine.

Systematic Literature Review - an Interactive Primer - Brief description of how to undertake a review. IT resources. Internet resources. Interactive quiz.

Trent Working Group on Acute Purchasing - Reviews the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of clinical interventions. Guidance notes for purchasers are available. Summaries of 26 reports available online.