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UK General Practitioners

Centre for Innovation in Primary Care - Independent charity. Resource for UK General Practitioners. Tools for measuring performance and for producing-evidence based change. Results of local projects in Sheffield.

Doctor Resources - Resource site for general practitioners produced by 'Doctor', the weekly magazine for GPs. Web site contains useful features eg. a selection of Clinical Calculators and a Symptom Sorter. Extensive selection of patient leaflets.

Doctors Desk - Internet portal for G.Ps. Also available as a commercial desk top programme.

EMIS National User Group - National User Group for the EMIS computer system used in general practices. Latest news of developments. Facilities to share templates and protocols.

GP-UK e-mail discussion list - GP-UK is a mailing list for the UK General Practice (Family Medicine) community. Discussions are intended to promote collaborative work, problem solving and support.

Mentor Web Site - Information and EMIS software updates for Clinical Mentor, PILs and the Dermis module.

MRCGP Workbook - Workbook for sale, to help GP Registrars prepare for the Membership examinations, by Dr. Amar Rughani FRCGP, a GP Tutor and RCGP Examiner. Sample pages available.

National Association of Primary Care - Professional association of primary health care professionals and organisations. Site contains public and private areas.

Salisbury Trainers Group - For prospective GP registrars. Details of the Salisbury area, the training practices and the trainers.

Tutorials for GP Registrars - Good collection of up-to-date tutorials from a Welsh training practice in Abersychan.

East Waverley Primary Care Group - Covers the area served by six General Practices in West Surrey: Elstead, Chiddingfold, The Square Godalming, Binscombe, Wonersh and Cranleigh. Concise information.

North Lincs Primary Care Group - Information about Primary Care services in North Lincolnshire and details of the Primary Care Group.

Peterborough South Primary Care Group - Details of board members and minutes of meetings. Listing of local practices.

Sheffield South West Primary Care Group - Details of board members, HimP priorities, local GP surgeries, and a mission statement.

South Holland Primary Care Group - A Lincolnshire Primary Care Group. Information about Board members and the SHARP project for hospital admission avoidance.

Wyre Primary Care Group - One of four Primary Care Groups in North West Lancashire. It covers a population of 119,200 and includes 20 GP practices.