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UK Search Engines

ArchieplexSearch FTP archives

Atlantica Themed directory of links

Business DatabaseUK's largest and most comprehensive single source of location based business information

Cityscape Directory List of Gold net domain users' home pages

UK Commercial Web Pages Index Alphabetical list of UK pages

UK Cyber~Search New robot engine serving the British internet community

UK Directory Categorised listing of UK specific links

UK Index Systematic marketing searchable database

UK Internet Lists Access providers, consultants, training, publications, guides, tools, services and many links on hotlist

UK Local Pages Free for all pages directory arranged by county

Commsco Listing of IT services, suppliers and products has search facility

Company Names Search Company names search and resource centre

Electronic Yellow Pages (EYP)UK's most comprehensive database for suppliers of products and services with links to over 1.6 million classified business listings

UK & Euro Business Index & Information Directory

UK & European Business DirectoryIinformation on 150,000 companies in 25 countries you can search by company or sector

Excite Search - U.K. Edition UK sites and news groups with global facility

U.K. Exhibition Net Complete listing of all the exhibitions to be held in major venues around the UK

Film Finder Provides information on films showing in over 400 cinemas throughout the UK, with film summaries and links to world-wide film sites

U.K. Freepages Biggest UK Classified Business Directory with details on 1.5 million businesses in 2,500 categories

Freeway The only UK directory containing just freephone numbers, local products and services are just a Freecall away

G.O.D. Searches Serving users from across the world with search facilities including classified ads, email addresses and telephone numbers

INbusiness Search Thomson's directories, the local alternative to Yellow Pages

LeisureHunt Geographical search utility for hotels, B & B, restaurants, golf, heritage, museums, Youth Hostels and more

Media UK Directory of TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, covering news and events in the UK media arena

Metaplus Index of directories, PLUS direct links to essential web sites across 40 categories

Muscat EuroFerret European search engine

OPAC 97 With the Online Public Access Catalogue, find out what material is held in the major reference and document supply collections of the British Library

PRESTIGE DIRECTORY UK Going for a safe blend of business, property, jobs and motor listing

Pointers Information Centre Pointers uses software agents, free to users of the Information Centre, to pinpoint specific target interests in commerce, finance, legal, sport, technology and many more

Pointers UK Search Engine Combines search engine technology with an 'Informer' that reports back to the user instantly, daily, weekly or monthly

Scotland Index Links cover everything Scottish

Sunsite Imperial CollegeUK's search engine and listing of all web servers and commercial pages

The Global On-Line Directory Search Cityscape customer base or use the all-in-one global search page

The Re:Search Centre Comprehensive search engine resource site

The Yellow Pages The ultimate British guide on the web from Yellow Pages, incorporating Electronic Yellow Pages, UK Yellow Web

Yahoo! UK and Ireland Big name import targets the UK market First free service dedicated to listing and reviewing the personal and non-profit home pages of UK people, personal. informative. controversial - all that stuff A directory of personal web sites and home pages, arranged by county Local and global search engine from the RB net which brings you radio, record stores, an airline and technology sales