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American History Page


1492 - An Ongoing VoyageAmericas and the contribution of Columbus.

Colored Photo SelectionCollection of photographs from different sections of history including the Civil War.

Women's SuffrageThe 75 anniversary of the women's movement.

American Anti ImperialismAmerican Anti Imperialism

American Battleship DirectoryThe most famous of the American battleships

Revolution to ReconstructionAmerican history from the beginning, to the 21st century.

Library of CongressAmerican Memory

America WestBison once roamed from Canada to Mexico.

Early AmericaAuthentic documents that form an historical record of a significant time in the American experience. Articles of Confederation

The structure of the government of the United States from the end of the War for Independence until the ratification of the Constitution.
Dakota Lakota IndianInformation on the Dakota and Lakota Indians.

The Declaration of IndependenceComplete text of the Declaration of Independence.

El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic ParkHistory of the city of Santa Barbara and its Spanish origin.

The Encyclopedia of Women's HistoryReports on some off the most, important women in history.

The FederalistThe Federalist Papers, by Hamilton, Jay, and Madison.

Flag of the United States of AmericaThe Pledge of Allegiance and a article "National Symbol" by Charles Evans Hughes.

Star Spangled BannerFrancis Scott Key and how he came to write the Star Spangled Banner.

Gettysburg AddressLincoln's famous speech on November 19, 1863

History Buff's Home PageWith a searchable database, reference library of journalism, newspaper publishing.

Maps of National Historic

Monroe DoctrineMonroe Doctrine.

Northwest OrdinanceOrdinance for the government of the Territory of the United States northwest of the River Ohio, July 13, 1787.

An Outline of American HistoryFrom Early America to the 21st century including the War of Independence and Westward expansion.

Plymouth HistoryPlymouth History

Red Skelton's Pledge of AllegianceThe Pledge of Allegiance by Red Skelton

Resolutions of the Stamp Act CongressThe 1765 petition from the colonies to King George III.

The Star Spangled BannerThe words to the United States national anthem.

A Walking Tour of Plymouth PlantationA Walking Tour of Plymouth Plantation

What Does Old Glory MeansWhat Does Old Glory Means