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Cascades Volcano Observatory

EOS IDS Volcanology Team Home Page: Global Assessment of Active Volcanism, Volcanic Hazards, and Volcanic Inputs to the Atmosphere from the Earth Observing System. Providing information about the project activities of the NASA Earth Observing System

Electronic Volcano - Dartmouth College Comprehensive database of volcanological information

University of Hawaii: School of Oceanography and Earth Science and Technology

Hawaii Drilling Project HSDP has drilled a 1056 m hole in Hilo, Hawaii, retrieving rocks from the Hawaiian volcanoes Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea. Now on-line is a complete lithologic core log with photographs and thin-sections. This information can be used by investigators to find areas of interest for possible sampling 

May 1915 Eruptions of Lassen Peak, California, I: Characteristics of Events Occuring May 19.

Michigan Tech Volcanoes Page

Natural Hazards Databases at NGDC

Natural Hazards Mitigation Group At The University Of Geneva, Switzerland Natural Hazards Mitigation, Volcanoes Mitigation Team (VMT), and Swiss Disaster Relief Unit (SDR).

TOMS Volcanic SO2 Home Page from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. This WWW server contains information about TOMS instruments, images of recently observed eruption plumes, on-line publications about TOMS SO2, and links to many other WWW servers with volcanic information. <

Universit` di Udine - Dipartimento di Georisorse e Territorio: Stromboli project Stromboli volcano, one of the Aeolian islands, located north of Sicily, presents a permanent activity which has been reported for thousands of years..

United Kingdom Volcanologist's  Information exchange for U.K Volcanologists.

U.S. Global Change Research Information Office

University of Hawaii HVO Volcano WatchU.S. Geological Survey Cascades Volcano Observatory 

Volcanic Simulation Group> sponsored by the sponsored by Gruppo Nazionale per la Vulcanologia. Some very cool images and movies of volcanoes in action. 

Volcano Systems Center - University of Washington

Long Valley Caldera: Monitoring Volcanic UnrestVolcanoWorld Educational offramp for those interested in learning about volcanoes!

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory "Volcano Watch"