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HELP4U Widowers Cookbook 2

Picture of widowers cookbook 2

Widowers Cookbook 2 Retail Price: 14.95 14.95  Our Price:   9.95  ISBN 0953616541  

Widowers Cookbook 2 Retail Price 18.95 18.95  Our Price:  13.95 Large print ISBN 0953616592

The Widowers Cookbook 2 is another collection of a 100 basic recipes that have been created just for one. The Widowers Cookbook 2 is for the man who now finds himself without a partner. All the recipes have been designed to use the basic of cooking utensils. 

Do not know what to cook or if you wish to try something new then this book for you. Need a cookbook that layout the way you eat then this will fit the bill.  

Get visitors or invite some one round for a meal no problem just multiply the ingredients by how many of you there it is that simply. Cooking with out kitchen scales all that needed for these recipes is a set of measuring spoons and measuring cups.

This book was published with the aid of the Help4U Guaranteed Publishing Kit for Cookbook & Food Writers ISBN 1-093253-12-8 

Widowers Cookbook 209536165419.95
A4 Large Print HELP4U Widowers Cookbook 2095361659213.95

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