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Writing Bizarre

The Grinning Elf    - A shrine to insanity. Home to a collection of strange, and hopefully humerous, short stories by some of the greatest unpublished authors of our time.

$500,000 (a Month) As An Epic Poet - Satirizes writing instruction guides. By Vinnie "The Weasel" Dapikowicz.

The Aardvark Newspaper - Student newspaper, devoid of news, but full of insane creativity.

Beautiful Dreams Company - About being trapped in a consumerist society, getting lost in the uncontrolled advancement of technology, alienation and isolation.

Billy Grimsdyke's Kettle of Fish - Original comedy. Sketches, monologues, photographs and lots more. Free downloads.

Bishônen Flash Publishing - Home of parodies, homages, MSTings, and numerous original fantasy, cyberpunk, giant robot, and romantic satires.

Carbonated Drinks and Saturated Fats - An odd look at life in BC. This site has philosophical reviews of todays ideas and everyday occurrences.

Creeknoise StoryMonster - A slightly twisted add to the story site.

Debauchery's Reward - Engage on a journey to the world of the truly bizarre, the truly tasteless. Fast paced short fiction for those with short attention spans.

Dimension Zero - Imagination has no boundaries.

Dog-O-matic kiosk - For all your instant dogma needs

Dy's Dementia - A Teletubby spoof, art, poetry by myself and famous persons, sick links, and clipart vadalism.

Funkmeistergoo's HepcatHaus - By a crazed, poet/thinker, with writings and Real Audio readings of his own bizarre material.

Funkmeistergoo's HepcatHaus - A strange web page made by a crazed, weird individual, with poetry and Real Audio readings of his own bizarre writings.

The Groove'n Octopus - A carnival of words, dreamy poetry and recreational delusions.

Harry Claude Cat - AKA cartoonist Thomas Armagost. Usenet writings. Links. Cartoons, graphics and pictures.

Holophrastic Plosion - hol/o-phras'tic, adj. -from holophrase, n, 'a single word expressing the ideas of a phrase or sentence.' Thriving messageboards.

The Inane Asylum - Have you started to doubt your sanity ? Need some proof there really are poeople crazier then you?

Infinite Sarcasm - A pumpkin, an interplanetary hard rock robot, an amorphous, unsettling computer nerd, and a sock puppet. This is their story...

Irest - Bohemians as old as dirt share their insight, pure and simple.

Jonathan Howell - His "bizarre" story.

The Lost Key - Something to be happy about since it's over in one act. Very respectable characters. Also features original artwork from the (previously published) earlier version.

Monkeyburgers' urban legend pages - How many of these bizarre stories are true?

The Official Meatatarian Homepage - Vegetarians have many outlets that they use to complain about. But what about us Meat-Eaters? This page explores Meatatarianism and provides many interesting and funny texts on the benefits of a Meatatarian diet!

Pax's Palace - A site for the glitterati in you, the wierd, and the inane. I only strive to be myself; my writings, my ramblings, and my general outbursts are occassions of this self. Get to know me and yourself a little better.

Plastic Cheese: A Place for Crazy Writing - If you think you're going crazy, this is the best place to start! Telepathy, Out-of-Body-Experiences, Dreams, Career-Meltdown, Strange Fictions. Read the confessions and obsessions of others and submit your own!

Profugum's Hat - A simple construction which displays what drifts from the innermost reaches of my mind to the tips of my fingers for writing.

Schizokultura - Post-modern literary satire at its quasi-finest featuring various cartoon and comic book characters treated as real beings.

Soap Box Derby - The only site on the Internet with an official banjo player. Features humorous columns, bad brooding poetry, fake interviews, ironic campfire stories and the Colorado ramblings of World Wide Schweb.

Stories Bizarre - A collection of short and extremely bizarre tales by Arturo Hernandez.

Stories For The Bored - Odd and absurd stories.

Strangesite - Consider a world created by incompetent gods where the apocalypse lies on the shoulders of teenagers.

Twisted Tales - The strange humour and stranger fiction of Dave Hemming.

Wolfie's Brainpan Cushions - Writings, rants, pictures and art from someone who can't do any of it.

The dancing Monkey Boys Webpage - This webpage is has all kinds of writings, you have scripts through stories and thats mostly it. These stories will capture the hearts of people and show them how to love again.

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Usenet alt.discordia - news: - Deja - Remarq

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