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Writing Fan Fiction  

Fan Fiction on the Net    - A guide to fan fiction on-line including newsgroups, mailing lists, web pages, and ftp archives. Information about off-line media fanzines.

All Kinds o' Fanfic - One author site with stories for various shows and movies, including Farscape, Babylon 5 and various Trek series.

Amalgam: A Fiction Page - A small site containing original fiction and fan fiction. Includes Star Trek (all generations) and Babylon 5.

Angel's Armaya - Mostly a buffy site although other fanfiction is welcome. I also have some pics,chatroom,links page and original pieces page. This is a new site so please bare with me while I try to get all the bugs out.

The Banshee Wails - The Banshee Wails(tm): a fiction site for WWF, Undertaker, Irish Lore and Fantasy Fans.

Beck's Web Haunt - Dr. Who and Highlander fan fiction. Sooner or later there will be Stargate SG-1 stuff, too!

Ben's Fiction Page - Here you may find all kinds of fiction stories written by Ben Church. Marvel Comics, MST3K, and other TV shows.

Between The Sheets - Gary's Fanfiction website. Stories for all TV shows! Subtext Friendly!

The Capsule - Stories, poems, art, and fan fics. Come in, read and submit your own.

Coffee Stained Scrolls - Xena/Gabrielle fanfiction ranging from the subtextual to the satirical.

Dani's Domain Fan Fiction - Pokemon, X-Files and other fan fiction stories

Dianne La Mercenaire's Vanity Fanfic Page - Hey it's free, and vanity being what it is, I decided I'd join the throng and put up a page that's just a collection of all my stuff. Forever Knight, Due South, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vengeance Unlimited fanfic... so far....

Ellmist's Stories - Contains a large database of stories with topics covering a wide range of subjects, including Animorphs, Beast Wars, and Escape Velocity. Visitors can submit stories to the site to continue storylines.

Fanfic Archivists Support List - Website and software recommendations, tips for streamlining, information on mailing list.

Frank Darcy's Fiction - Fan fiction from a variety of authors covering movies, TV shows, and professional wrestling

The Jagged Edge Fan Fiction Archive - An archive of quality fan fiction. Features fiction from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Highlander, The Tomorrow People and various crossovers, but all TV universes are welcome. Submissions always welcome.

Magespace Fiction - " . . . short stories, serials, novellas, and full-length novels, all set in our slightly twisted version of the Shadowrun universe."

Old Ping Hai's Basement - This website is the homepage for the Fu Fic Junkies Club, and features fan written fiction for Kung FU :TLC.

Pavilion Fanfiction - An archive of recommended slash and Gen fanfiction for Highlander, The X-Files, The Sentinel, The Vampire Chronicles, Star Wars, Once A Thief, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and more.

Phantom's Realm - Everything about the Phantom of the Opera, from the musical to Leroux's and Kay's stories, music, images ...

Radio Free Xenaverse - Alternative "X:WP" fanfic, Uberfic, parodies, & more--all subtext, all the time. Some NC-17 content.

Sheshat's Online Library - A virtual library full of quality fanfiction (including Highlander, Stargate SG1, due South, Mortal Kombat: Conquest, The Sentinel, and The Crow: Stairway to Heaven) as well as sound files and original images and animated gifs. Stop on by, sit on down, and have a grand time browsing!

This Side of Paradise Fan Fiction - Fan fiction from different TV shows and films, including Action and Homicide

Tim North's Fan Fiction - Original stories and screenplays for Lois and Clark, Moonlighting, Cybill, Star Trek, MASH and more.

Vanessa's Fan Fiction Homepage - Archive stories for the X-Files, Earth2, Star Trek and other science fiction shows.

The Watcher's Diarys - A Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Lost Vampire Fanfiction Archive. (Some stories and poems, not related to these shows also reside on the site.)

The WiliQueen's Woods Fan Fiction - Fanfic by Valerie Meachum. Includes Forever Knight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Phantom of the Opera, Lost Boys, Robin of Sherwood, Dark Shadows, and occasional others.

Xena Bride of Chucky - A Horrid Reflection of the 90's

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