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Beavers All you need to know about beavers.

Birds of North America  Comprehensive, authoritative summaries of current knowledge of the breeding bird species of North America.

Birmingham Zoo Search for animal information or pictures, then visit the animals or take an African Safari.

Camels  All you need to know about bacterian and dromedary camels.

Birds of Australian National Botanic Gardens Australian National Botanic Gardens provides a haven for many birds.

Animal Information Data Base - provided by seaworld.

Bibliography of Crocodilian Biology

Birds of North America- Excerpts and subscription details for the definitive reference series on North American Birds. From the Academy of Natural Sciences, Phildelphia and the American Ornithological Union.

Brazilian Zoos Census

African Primates at Home Information on various African animals.

Agricultural Biology Biological solutions to animal health.

Animal Skull Collection Information on 150 animal skulls.

Animals & Wildlife Information about South African Kruger National Park.

Information on Elephants Descriptions of different breeds of elephants.

The Quick Course on Ichthyology Everything about fish, sharks etc.

Bryozoa (Ectoprocta)

Cyberzoo - pictures and descriptions of the Felidae (cats), Canidae (dogs), Ursidae (bears) and more

Electronic Zoo And a large collection of graphics files from prehistoric .

Environmental Resources for Education Information on the Grand Canyon and wildlife presentations.

Goats Information on goats contains pictures of different breeds.

Florida Wildlife

Invertebrates, Fishes and Marine Mammals Museum - A collection of Eschritius robustus (gray whale) skulls, some samples of Phocoena sinus and a big set of preserved fishes from the Gulf of California.

Nonnative Fish

Zoological Record - oldest continuing scientific indexing service in the world.

Coyote Point Museum Environmental information of the Bay Area. Sections include Grasslands Ecological Zone, Gray Foxes, Ringtail Animals etc.

Deer Net Deer Net.

Dog Genome ProjectInformation on making of a map of all the chromosomes, diseases, morphology and behavior in dogs.

Chicken Page  Information on the breeds, nutrition and diseases etc. of chickens.

The Great Outdoor Recreation Page Kenya's Wildlife, information .

The Great Penguin Count Counting penguins on Gabo Island.

Horse Country information on horses in a scientific structure & pictures of horse chromosomes, X-rays,etc.

NWF National Wildlife Federation a collection of material and educational resources and programs.

Native Animals of Australia Informationabout koalas, kangaroos, brushtail possums.

North American Breeding Bird Survey of the bird populations in North America

The Online Book of Parrots Information on parrots and parrot-like birds.

Penguin Page Iinformation on the behavior,reproduction, and there relatives.

Polar Bears and the Walrus Information on Polar Bears and some on the Walrus.

Primate Cytogenetics Network A collection of distribution cytogenetic information.

Smithsonian Institute  Iinformation and photos of all types of animals.

Underwater World Underwater World.

Wild Ones Information what's new, members, projects, scientists, and back issues of the Wild Ones, and the Wildlife Preservation Trust.

Wyoming Wildlife Information on a long list of wildlife animals.

Zooary Zooary

Zoological Information about various animal genetics.

Zoology La Trobe University

Animals Around Our World Information about animals, for kids

Arctic Wildlife The Polar Regions